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27 Insanely Adorable Knitted Creatures That Would Make Perfect Gifts

Or just hoard these Mochimochi Land cuties all to yourself.

Anna Hrachovec's website, Mochimochi Land, is full of patterns for some truly adorable knits.

1. Like this mini mermaid!

2. A blessing of teeny-tiny unicorns.

These magical creatures come in a kit that includes supplies and instructions for three unicorns, and you can find it right here! Not a knitter? Buy one tiny unicorn here.

And yes, a blessing is the collective noun for a group of unicorns.

3. These squishy stars.

4. A whole troop of Girl Scouts.

The pattern for these trailblazers is free, and you can find it here!

5. A baby dragon!

6. Fun-loving gnomes!

Tiny gnome pattern can be found in her book, Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, or in this small collection of patterns which also includes a tiny trash can. A TINY TRASH CAN.

Mushroom pattern available in one of her other books, Knitting Mochimochi.

7. Or a pair of big cuddly monkeys!

8. Some adorable household pets.

9. A piece of ebi sushi.

10. A herd of sweet baby alpacas.

Pattern available here.

11. A cuddly condensation cloud!

12. An abomb-knit-able yeti.

A perfect addition to any Hoth-scape, and you can find the pattern here. (The pattern for the tiny trees can be found right here.)

Or a whole yeti party!

13. A forest full of wee critters!

Ideal for people who like the idea of being outdoors, without actually being outside. Pattern for all four here.

14. A duo of teeny-tiny nummy eggies!

15. A flock of teeny sheepies.

Make them in different colors and knit up a rainbow flock of sheep! Pattern available here.

16. Some lil' forces of nature.

17. Some lil' snacks.

Bite-size cupcake available here.

Teeny weenie available here.

18. A hungry snake.

19. A gaggle of micro-hens.

Find the pattern for these lil' ladies in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.

20. A mini cityscape.

21. A tiny cheeseburger.

YOU CAN MAKE A TINY CHEESEBURGER FOR GOODNESS' SAKES! Get the patterns for the wee panda, baby zombie, cuddly bee, and tiny cheeseburger right here.

22. A squishy retro arcade game.

23. A life lesson about which came first!

Though maybe you'll raise more questions than answers with this lil' guy. Reversible pattern found here.

24. A wonderfully random collection of tiny things.

25. Some stackable cats and dogs.

Find the kitty and puppy patterns here, and here, respectively.

26. Even stackable frogs!

27. A mini veggie garden.

After you've knitted all those, you can preorder Anna's new combination story and pattern book right here!