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OMG, Harry Potter Makeup Brushes Are Here

Preorder them before they Evanesco.

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That's right, YOU HEARD ME. You can now preorder makeup brushes modeled after Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Lord Voldemort's infamous wands.

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The set of five is $55, and doesn't including shipping. Storybook Cosmetics, a new fandom-based cosmetics company, expects to ship 'em out worldwide on Dec. 10 (or even sooner), but says they're also expected to sell out of these magical face-wands.

The brushes will be sold in a set of five (no individuals, sorry!!) and each set will come with its own ~custom~ velvet bag.

In addition to being cruelty-free, Missy told BuzzFeed, "The brushes have soft synthetic bristles with a brushed metal alloy wand. They feel pretty magical in your hands."

Instagram: @storybookcosmetics

We don't doubt it!

Missy, Erin, and Mandy Maynard are the identical triplets behind Storybook Cosmetics, and they told BuzzFeed they knew they had to make the Harry Potter wand makeup brushes happen — "even if it was just to have a set for ourselves!"

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Missy Maynard also told BuzzFeed that, because the sisters are huge fantasy geeks and avid makeup brush collectors, the idea for Harry Potter wand makeup brushes "just seemed like the next logical step to merge the two."


The company's Instagram has grown immensely, amassing over 60,000 followers in three days.

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In addition to posting updates for the wand-brushes, Storybook Cosmetics also posts images of upcoming makeup collections, like this Sorting Hat–themed eyeshadow palette, which is currently in production.