21 Book Pins For Bookworms

    These pins are totally lit-erate.

    1. This pin, for when you gotta do you.

    2. This pin, if you like pictures more than words.

    3. This pin, because comics are indeed a form of literature.

    4. This bookstore pin, which is your happy place.

    5. These pins, that show that classics can be lit.

    Swoop the Pride and Prejudice book here, The Great Gatsby here, and The Catcher In The Rye, here from Jane Mount on Etsy for $11 each.

    6. A pin that shows what's in your heart.

    7. This pin, for when you need to feed the need.

    8. This pin, for when books are the only texts you want to be reading.

    9. A pin with your favorite kind of ending.

    10. A pin of Kurt Vonnegut's biggest lesson on life.

    11. A pin for when you really need it.

    12. This pin that is simple pure magic.

    13. This pin, that is the belle of the jar.

    14. A pin to remind people that print isn't dead.

    15. A pin for when you need a simple declaration.

    16. A reminder that reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

    17. A pin for when you can't fall asleep.

    18. A pin for when you wanna put a quill in it.

    19. A pin that will make you say "I am I am I am."

    20. A pin that's much easier to catch than the real thing.

    21. A pin that really says it all.