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    21 Things For People Who Love Black Cats

    Black cat coven, unite!

    1. This book, which highlights a very important issue.

    2. And this gentle reminder to adopt black cats, since they're often the last to be rescued.

    3. A minimalist print of a curious little black kitty.

    4. A set of Jiji mini-stamps, one of the most iconic black cats of all time.

    5. This sassy kitty phone case, which is probably how your cat feels most of the time, tbh.

    6. A 100% American-made print that illustrates how badass you and your black cat are.

    7. This mug, for snoozy mornings in with your black cat.

    8. A shirt for all the fluffy black cats of the world.

    9. This simple washi tape which you could (and should) stick everywhere.

    10. This tape dispenser to let all your office mates know that you don't believe in superstitions.

    11. A 16-gig USB stick that'll remind you of your sweet kitty.

    12. A set of makeup bags so your cat eye is always purrfection.

    13. A pair of embroidered flats that are totally pawsome.

    14. These kitchen towels that won't scratch you if you rub 'em for .001 seconds too long.

    Get 'em both from TheRiseAndFall on Etsy for $16.

    15. These v important shirts for letting your cat know who is in charge.

    16. A clock for when your all your free time = cat time.

    17. An embroidered journal for writing down your ~purrsonal~ thoughts.

    18. This set of stemless wine glasses, because you love wine alllllmost as much as your black kitty.

    19. These glow-in-the-dark leggings that make you wish your black cat was as easy to find at night.

    20. A mug that both you and your kitty can agree on.

    21. A screen-printed crop top because you aren't afraid to show your black cat pride.