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45 Very Important Life Lessons We Learned From "Friends"

Never say the wrong name at your own wedding -- it won't be good for the marriage!


1. Never count Mississippily when going for a tan. You will be an eight!

2. Never wear leather pants on a first date.

3. If you do wear leather pants, and they do get stuck, consider making yourself a pair of paste pants. Your date will never know the difference.

4. "Paper, snow and ghost" are the only acceptable guesses in a game show.

5. Never say the wrong name at your own wedding. It won't be good for the marriage.

6. It's also a little silly to pretend you hate marriage when you're about to propose. It might backfire.

7. But it's not OK to put beef in the trifle. It will not taste good.

8. Don't take the lottery tickets onto the balcony. Birds move quickly.

9. "Gleba" is an actual word.

10. "Transponster" isn't.


11. When moving a couch, you have to pivot.

12. Lobsters mate for life.

13. Don't fall asleep and pretend that you've read 18 pages of a letter if you haven't.

14. It always helps to get inside the map when traveling.

15. There is such a thing as identical hand twins.

16. Don't put your head inside a turkey. It will get stuck.

17. It's OK to hook up with your brother's best friend. He might be the love of your life!

18. It's not OK to do this with your dad's best friend. It won't end well.

19. All is fair in love, war, and wedding dresses. Whether that's fighting for cheap ones, or sitting on the sofa wearing them.

20. Spending money on a very expensive cat isn't a good idea.


21. There's a dropper in every friendship group.

22. It's OK to get back with an ex if they're the person you've loved since high school.

23. Saying you rolled over the juice box can save a lot of embarrassment.

24. A big plastic white dog is a pretty cool investment.

25. The opposite of hiding someone's clothes is wearing every piece of clothing they own.

26. Real friendship is peeing on someone after they've been stung by a jellyfish.

27. It's never a good idea to hurry girls to get ready. You may need to drink some fat juice to apologize.

28. Unagi is not something you are, it's something you have.

29. Saying you're breezy totally negates the breezy.

30. "L" is for life, for what is life without love?


31. Leave high school dance routines in high school.

32. Everyone needs to have a gracious loser face.

33. It's totally fine to eat cheesecake off the floor.

34. But it's NEVER fine to eat someone else's sandwich.

35. There's no shame in buying something from Pottery Barn.

36. There is also no shame in owning a stuffed animal, no matter how old you are.

37. There is however, a lot of shame in fantasizing about your own cousin.

38. There's also a lot of shame in having a memorial for your own fake death.

39. It's OK to hunt for presents in case someone has gotten you something bad.

40. Everyone loves the song "Baby Got Back," even actual babies!


41. If you ever teach a class, it's probably best not to put on a fake British accent.

42. Don't get drunk in Vegas with an ex.

43. You don't put words in people's mouths, you put turkey in people's mouths!

44. Be clear if you're on a break or not.

45. And always get off the plane if it doesn't have a phalange.