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    18 Gifts for Every "Golden Girls" Fan

    The best of the best and the most unique Golden Girls gifts that any fan would be thrilled to receive!

    1. A fabulous woven throw blanket that's perfect for binging all of your favorite episodes!

    2. A coloring book to relax and color all of your favorite scenes.

    3. An 80s-tastic pint glass set to up your drinkware game.

    4. A fun calendar so you can be ready for 2019 in Miami style.

    5. This trivia game to test your knowledge of the show, obvs.

    6. A copy of Jim Colucci's Golden Girls Forever book to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the show.

    7. A sun shade visor to keep your car cool.

    8. A Shady Pines mug, Ma!

    9. These magnetic page-top bookmarks for all of your library books.

    10. This pair of delightfully wacky socks featuring Rose.

    11. This enamel pin to put Sophia's Sicilian curse on your enemies.

    12. A Rusty Anchor t-shirt so you can be the center of attention.

    13. A "Let Them Eat Cheesecake" tote bag for all your reusable shopping needs.

    14. A zipper pouch to keep all your stuff in one place.

    15. A puzzle featuring everyone's favorite gorgeous Girls.

    16. These coasters to protect every wicker and wooden surface around your home.

    17. A Golden Girls inspired candle to make your home smell like Blanche's bedroom.

    18. A collectible bundle box if you just can't decide which item you want the most!