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Dating In NYC

The city is swarming with people, so why is it so hard to find someone to date?

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So, you think you found your soulmate on the subway platform.

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You instantly become the most awkward human being after seeing who you think is the most attractive person you have seen. Going up to the attractive stranger is not an option, because you do not want to embarrass yourself, so you stare and give your best "smize". Then you realize, that is actually more embarrassing than actually going up and saying a friendly "Hello".

Your "subway soulmate" gets on the train.

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After you've realized and accepted the fact that you embarrassed yourself, your soulmate gets on the train. You now realize, that once those doors close, you will probably never see that person. So now it is a race to jump on the train (even if it is the wrong one) before the doors close, or else you know, that this is the end of your fantasy relationship.

You attract the weirdos.

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If you can walk from your apartment to another destination without being catcalled or inappropriately looked at, you have probably mastered the RBF and I need lessons, ASAP. But, if you haven't, it seems that every time you step outside the motley group of men in NYC seem to be the only ones who pay you any attention. Unfortunately, the only way to move past some of the obscene remarks, is just to pretend you never heard/saw them in the first place.

No seriously, you attract the weirdos.

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The worst is when you are stuck somewhere, like a cramped subway cart or waiting to cross the street. There isn't much you can do in these situations, except maybe look up at the ceiling/sky and do whatever it takes to avoid eye contact.

When you are invited to anything, all you have is one question.

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You have failed to spark a conversation with "Subway Soulmate" and have successfully dodged the unwelcome sexual advances, so now what are you supposed to do? It seems like the only way you are ever going to be able to find someone semi interesting is through friends and the parties/events they invite you to. Although asking if men will be there may make you seem a little boy crazy, who cares? You've got to do what you've got to do.

Eventually, you just give up.

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Constantly being on the lookout for a decent suitor becomes old quickly. Eventually, you just give up, and convince yourself that a guy would just cause more drama than it would be worth, and that you are probably better off in a committed relationship with pizza and Netflix.

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