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  • Girl Helping Girl Park

    Video Link Have you ever watched people have a really hard time parking? Now watch these two girls help each other park. Why would you keep going??!?!? What’s the horrible grinding noise? Maybe I should stop, nah I’ll keep going. This is a bad car parking accident I hope everyone was ok. But it is a car park fail.

  • Smurfs Assaulted Man After He Failed To LIGHT A CIGARETTE

    Video Link A 37-year-old Pascoe Vale man was approached by the Smurfs after he bought cigarettes from a 7-Eleven convenience store at about 1am AEDT on Sunday, December 16. A man dressed as Papa Smurf asked for one of the man’s cigarettes and demanded it be lit before it was handed to him. The man, who told police Papa Smurf had been accompanied by three other Smurfs who appeared by trying to jump start a car at the time, refused to light the cigarette. He was allegedly assaulted a short time later, but police say it is unclear if the men in fancy dress were the alleged attackers. “We are trying to piece it all together to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the assault,” a police spokeswoman said. “Because the men dressed as Smurfs spoke to the man before the assault we are interested in talking to them to find out what happened.”

  • Finally Something Exciting On Nascar - Massive Brawl Breaks Out

    Video Nascar switching to mid race brawls to keep the sport fresh. Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon are involved in a crash on the track in Phoenix at the Cobalt Tools 500 which will for sure take out Clint Bowyer from the Championship in 2012. The team fights Gordon’s team and then Bowyer runs over to join in on the fun. Thoughts on it all

  • Unleash The FIRENADO! Rare Sight Captured On Camera In Alice Springs, Australia

    Video - FireNado! A stream of 100-foot-high flames ignited deep in the heart of the Australian outback where firefighters have been battling bush fires for nearly a week. This region hasn’t seen rainfall since the end of April. Chris Tangey, an Australian filmmaker, was scouting locations for a movie shoot near Alice Springs, Australia when he caught this incredible footage. “I knew within 30 seconds that this was a very unique event, probably globally, making the sound of a jet engine. It just didn’t even look real to us, rare fire tornado flaming spectacular caught on camera in Alice Springs, Australia” Tangey said. Firenados occur when intense tornado-like ground-level winds come in contact with fire, propelling upwards in a column of warm, rising air. The phenomenon usually lasts for two minutes, but Tangey found himself reveling at Mother Nature’s fury for an astonishing 40 minutes. “I’ve never seen anything so big; move so quickly in my life. It was awe-inspiring absolutely, and it is something I never expect to see again,” said Tangey. The most notable other example of a fire tornado, or firenado, emerged from Japan’s Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. “The flames closed in from all directions, and then, at 4 p.m., a 300-foot-tall ‘fire tornado’ blazed across the area,” according to “All told, 45 percent of Tokyo burned before the last embers of the inferno died out on September 3.”

  • Huge Burmese Python Caught In Florida With 87 Eggs

    Female snake, which was pregnant with 87 eggs and measured over five metres long, is largest ever found in US state. The biggest Burmese python ever caught in Florida, over five metres (17ft) long and weighing 74kg (11st 9lb), has been found in Everglades national park, the University of Florida said on Monday. The snake was pregnant with 87 eggs, also said to be a record. Scientists said the python’s stats show just how pervasive the invasive snakes, which are native to south-east Asia, have become in south Florida.

  • We Are Not The Only Primates Addicted To Smoking Cigarettes, This Orangutan Has A Bad Habit!

    A smoking orangutan at Taru Jurug zoo, where visitors throw lit cigarette butts into primates’ enclosures. At Indonesia’s Taru Jurug Zoo, a popular orangutan named Tori is being forced to butt out her filthy addiction to cigarettes. So how exactly does a 15-year-old orangutan gain access to nicotine sticks, one might ask? From the visitors, of course. The Jakarta Globe reports that zoo management have long tried to stamp out her love for smoking, but visitors continue to assist her by tossing lit cigarettes into her cage. Tori even puts her fingers to her lips to signal that she wants a smoke. Those who don’t comply get things thrown at them. Sadly, Tori isn’t even the first orangutan at the zoo to enjoy lighting up. Her parents were also smokers. Staff at the zoo, with the help of the Center for Orangutan Protection, are finally taking concrete action.

  • Three Million Mile Car Odometer Record Reached In 1966 Volvo

    Man logs more than three million miles in his Volvo giving him the Guinness World Record. It just keeps going, and going, and going. No, it’s the Energizer bunny. It’s Irvin Gordon’s 1966 Volvo P1800S. Gordon’s small, red two-door has well more than two mil-lion miles (3.22 million km) on the odometer, the equivalent of nearly 1,176 times across the globe. The retired schoolteacher from Long Island hopes to reach the three million mile mark by next year. He only has 34,000 miles (54,717 km) to go. Gordon, 72, drives his Volvo everywhere. He has held the Guinness World Records mark for high mileage vehicle since 2002 and was the first person to hold that record. “It’s just a car I enjoy driving,” he said. He bought his beloved car on June 30, 1966, for $4,150 at age 25. “It was a whole year’s salary,” he said. Gordon originally wanted the convertible Volvo with air conditioning, but it was too expensive. He paid extra to have an AM/FM radio, though. “It was $10 extra, and at that time, $10 was a lot. But an AM/ FM radio was a big deal,” he said. Gordon’s car has just enough room for him and his essentials. His front bumper is filled with pins of his mileage achievements. Even his license plate says “MILNMILER.” And his trunk overflows with the many car parts he thinks he might need when on the road. “I have a set of everything,” he said. “If I have it, then I am not going to need it.” Gordon has been taking road trips since he was a kid and continued through his adult years. He says he would just tell his family to pack their things and hit the road. Gordon’s two daughters went on his road trips until they outgrew the red car. “They just couldn’t fit in the back any more. That is when I bought the station wagon,” he said. “Volvo, of course.” His odometer doesn’t have enough digits to display the mileage, but Gordon has ser-vice records verifying it. Now divorced, Gordon takes road trips alone. With trips to Montreal, Texas and Michigan in just the last month, the last leg of his trip should not be too hard. It took him 21 years to reach the first million miles and 15 more years to reach two million (3.22 million km). Gordon averages 85,000-100,000 miles (160,934 km) per year. Most of his trips are for auto shows, but he also takes trips across the country just for a good cup of coffee. “I have had coffee in every state,” Gordon said. The avid driver believes in taking care of his car and he doesn’t let anyone else drive it. “That’s why I bought my girls their cars,” he said. Jordan Weine is a mechanic at Bay Diagnostic, an auto shop based in Brooklyn and a Volvo expert. He says because Gordon takes care of his car, he is able to get high mileage without much change to the car’s original mechanics. The car still has the original engine, though it was rebuilt twice. “How high does a redwood grow? If it is not messed with, it will grow,” said Weine, who hasn’t worked on Gordon’s car. “And there are very few redwood trees and the same goes with this. There are very few people that can achieve three million miles.” It is clear Gordon loves his car and he can’t imagine getting rid of it. “Why would I want to get rid of it?” he asked. “Kind of like a good woman.” Gordon thinks that his Volvo will last way longer than three million miles (4,828,032 km). “I have a feeling I’ll be dead long before the car.”

  • New Expidition Of Amelia Earhart, Now Believed To Have Been A Castaway On A Remote Island

    As we near the 75th anniversary of the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, a high-tech search for the lost pilot will begin. There is evidence suggesting that Earhart may have survived as a castaway on an island. The new search will use deep underwater vehicles to scout for possible remains of Earhart and her plane. The search for Amelia Earhart will resume this summer in the waters off Nikumaroro, an uninhabited island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati where the legendary pilot might have died as a castaway.

  • Green Peace Lamborghini Pit Crew Up For A Stroll In Romania

    Running out of fuel in your $250,000 dollar Lamborghini Murcielago supercar is rough, however this puts a smile on green peace. The five man pit crew of this Lamborghini Murcielago had to push the vehicle through a very busy traffic intersection in Romania. The result is embarrassing imagine being the owner of this sweet ride and your toy stalling out on you in the middle of traffic! This is what happens when you blow your wad on a $250,000 car and forget about pay the gas bill, pushing is the way to go. Below I have some specs for everyone on the amazing 9 miles per gallon this v12 Lambo get’s. Exotic cars generally get horrible fuel economy…But hey it’s a dreamcar.

  • Chinese Toddler Dangling Over 40ft Drop Plucked To Safety By Rescuer

    This is the dramatic moment a Chinese toddler came terrifyingly close to a deadly plunge - after getting his head stuck on a balcony handrail while his parents were out. The young boy had wandered towards a fourth floor balcony in an apartment building in Guangzhou, China, only to get his head wedged in the handrail. But after exploring the view in his parents apartment, the boy’s accident left his head jammed between the railings - and his body dangling perilously over a 40ft drop.

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