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Camp Kesem Dictionary

Here's everything you need to know about going to camp at Camp Kesem this summer!

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Camp Names

Create your identity by changing your name for camp! You can be anything from Hot Mustard to Sherlock to Blue to Snow White. You pick your camp name at drop-off and that will become your identity for the rest of the week!

Pictured from left to right: Firefly, Einstein, Po, Toothless, Clover


One of the coolest all-camp activities that we do at camp. It’s the perfect time to reflect on why all of the campers and counselors "kesem" (aka why do we all hang out for a week at a really cool camp site together for one week every summer).Empowerment brings everyone together as a community and shows why Kesem really means magic.

Camp Cheers

Can you iggle and wiggle? Is your back achin’ and your belt too tight? Can you form avocado, form form avocado? Are you Camp Kesem and do you have fun, laughing playing in the sun? Learn all the answers and more in our many many many camp cheers that will be sung.

*Warning: you will have Hey Burrito stuck in your head for weeks to follow.

Camp Dance

Facebook: video.php

You will instantly feel what it's like to be part of a flash mob as you learn the camp dance!

Color Wars

The ultimate test of determination, skill, energy, enthusiasm, overall campy-ness. All of camp is divided into four color teams - red, green, blue or purple - for a day of cheers and games. Will you be painted your team color? Maybe. Will you have immense pride for the team that you are on? Absolutely!

Messy Olympics

Have you ever really wanted to pour a bunch of chocolate syrup on someone? Or wanted to roll around in some pudding? Or crack an egg on someone’s head because why not? Then you’re going to love this event.

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