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    5 Reasons To Love 'Black Panther'

    With the recent DVD release in Australia, let's relive the reasons why we love 'Black Panther'.

    Black Panther. A stellar film about a black superhero. Not only is it Marvel’s first black superhero film it’s also groundbreaking in the way the story is told. Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther is loaded with moments that fans have just gone gaga for.

    Let’s examine five of the main reasons why we love Black Panther.

    1. African Culture Wins Out

    The film is set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda. The film is full of references to African culture. The filmmakers wanted to get as close to the African culture as they could so they studied the culture carefully.

    Scattered throughout the film are remnants of artwork, weaponry and language to add the necessary layers to the story. Even combat rituals are used to determine who the rightful King of Wakanda should be.

    Warpaint also plays an active role. We see it used in ceremonies such as T’Challa’s

    2. Kickass Women Steal The Show

    Sure, the film is called Black Panther. But, even the most diehard of Marvel comics fans will forget, Shuri once had the mantle of Black Panther. While the Wakandan princess isn’t Black Panther in this film, she and the other women in the film, kick some serious booty.

    The film has four main female characters. Okoye. Nakia. Shuri. Ramonda. Each has their own role in which they stand out.

    Let’s begin with Okoye.

    The leader of Wakanda’s Dora Milaje, Okay is so much more than their general. She’s loyal to the throne, regardless of who is sitting on it. Despite this, she’s a longtime friend of T’Challa and is often teasing him about his relationship with Nakia. This is a trait she shares with Shuri. Though she is loyal to whoever sits on the throne, she knows what’s right and what is wrong. Also, she’s crazy good with a spear. Don’t cross her. Otherwise, you’ll receive her

    The second female character we meet is Nakia, an ex-girlfriend of T’Challa. When we meet her, she’s unwilling to work with T’Challa again. She’s loyal to the royal family and Wakanda. When T’Challa and Okoye find Nakia, she’s undercover. Nakia kicks some serious ass when she enters combat.

    The third woman introduced in the film is Shuri, T’Challa’s beloved little sister. She’s 16-years-old and loves to annoy her brother. What siblings don’t fight? Shuri is the whole reason why T’Challa fights for freedom for their people. She loves technology and is always finding ways to improve it.

    The final woman introduced is Ramonda, T’Challa and Shuri’s mother. When she first appears, she’s mourning the death of her husband. She loves both her son and daughter equally and knows how to pull Shuri into line. She’s more than just the Queen Mother. She’s the mother of the king and the heir apparent. She believes in justice but wants what is best for her nation.

    3. Teenage Tech Guru

    What superhero doesn’t have a tech guru at their disposal? T’Challa had Shuri. Shuri has some serious skills with tech that would make Tony Stark and Peter Parker jealous. I mean it literally.

    Shuri is the one responsible for creating the upgraded Black Panther suit and whatever other gadgets there are. The Wakandan princess loved taunting her brother over his lack of understanding towards her tech. What’s more is Shuri always believes just because something was made, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Her words. Not ours.

    4. Don’t Mention Wigs To The Dora Milaje

    The Dora Milaje are badass women. All are bald and tend to prefer it that way. During the scene set in South Korea, Okoye wore a wig that she absolutely detests. She constantly complains of how much it itches.

    Okay. I think Okoye may have overreacted. She did have a shaved head. We don’t see other members of the Dora Milaje complain. Oh, that’s right! We only see Okoye with the wig on!

    5. Sibling Rivalry

    Any film with siblings will have a classic case of sibling rivalry. What’s unique about Black Panther is Shuri and T’Challa have the same goal. Most other media portray sibling rivalry as the siblings in question having differing opinions.


    In conclusion, Black Panther is easily one of the best films Marvel has produced in years. It also shows that Marvel has stepped out of the shadows and is willing to accept other cultures into its maelstrom of media. There are plenty of other reasons to love the film as well.