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11 Illuminating Facts About Light

Maybe it's time we stopped taking light for granted. Citizen Watches with Eco Drive can charge under any light source.

1. Bobtail squids have light organs that help them hide from predators.

2. Human beings also produce light!

3. The aurora borealis is an effect of the earth's electromagnetic fields.

4. The oldest working lightbulb has been in use since 1901.

5. The first electric lamp was invented in 1809.

6. The patent for the first lightbulb was filed in 1874 in Canada.

7. Light makes people sneeze.

8. If the sun went out, we wouldn't know for about eight minutes.

9. Diamonds slow light down to under half its normal speed.

10. Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) is caused by a lack of light rather than cold weather.

11. The future of space travel may lie in light energy.

Another amazing trick light can do? Charge a watch battery. Citizen Watches with Eco-Drive can be charged under any light source. How illuminating.