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Tokk Smart Speaker: Alexa Meets FitBit

The craze for smart speakers has catapulted Alexa into “mega-hit” status with current estimates for 2020 revenues ranging from $2 billion to $10 billion depending on if you’re asking Gartner or CBNC. Investment bankers are calling this feature “voice-activated internet” (VAI) and it is helping to transform the way people live inside their homes. Revenue will be driven by hardware sales, with an estimated 60 million devices sold in 2020 and 500 million activated devices globally. Comparatively, Apple sells about 200 million iPhones worldwide annually. The primary benefit for customers of VAI is the voice-activated internet browsing including shopping and mundane tasks like checking the weather or ordering food.

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While this growth continues on par with projections, the wearables market is softening. Smartwatches have been pummeled recently with Pebble closing its door, Fitbit (the company that acquired Pebble) reporting losses, and GoPro also reporting declining sales. Perhaps the TOKK Smart Speaker has the answer: marry the convenience of a smart speaker with the functionality of a wearable. By tapping the TOKK device, you can activate the voice control systems such as Siri or Google Assistant. The wearable speaker also lets you answer calls while working out or in situations where you need a hands-free solution.

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