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Happy & Fit: How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

The benefits of exercise have been promoted for years as a way to lower unhealthy cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke and to also help control blood sugar levels. While exercise may do more than trim your waist, there are some inherent benefits to exercise that go much deeper than a list of disease prevention. A recent study by PLoS Medicine concludes that 150 minutes per week of exercise adds 3.4 years to the average lifespan. However, only 50 percent of American adults get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week. While many are registered as healthy: 65 percent aren’t obese, 65 percent get at least seven hours of sleep and 83 percent don’t smoke, they are missing out on a few critical benefits of exercise that lead to healthier and happier lives. Continue reading...

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