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12 Word Hybrids Every Cool Parent Should Know By Now

These word combos will def increase your hip status. And they are almost as good as the two ways you can earn cash back with the Citi Double Cash card. Earn 1% cash back on your purchases and an additional 1% cash back as you pay!

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Screenager: A teen who never stops looking at their phone screen.

"My daughter is such a screenager. Her phone is superglued to her hand, and I swear all she says to me is, 'Hm, what'd you say, mom?'"


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Floordrobe: When there is more clothing on the floor than in the closet.

"Sorry, but I have a bit of a floordrobe situation. I am gonna need about two hours to wade through dirty socks to find my self respect."


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Regretflicks: When you spend more than eight hours watching bad movies.

"Dude, I have total regretflicks. I spent the entire night watching terrible made-for-TV movies."


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Cosplay: When people dress up as their favorite characters from video games, movies, TV, etc.

"Between you and me... your cosplay outfit trumped Mario's and Luigi's the other day."


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Coutorture: The act of wearing fashionable things that are insanely uncomfortable.

"I am totally coutorturing myself. These shoes couldn't be more beautiful, but I am definitely going to lose a toe tonight."


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Ewtritious: Healthy food that is crazy good for you, but tastes horrible.

"Be honest here — that wheat grass is ewtritious! It probably has a million amino acids or whatever, but it tastes like grass."


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Regretro: Vintage clothing that isn't cool, despite being retro.

"I should stop wearing this dress. It is definitely regretro. The collar and the sleeves are '70s in a bad way — not a good way."


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Twintrovert: When you're at a party and you meet a fellow introvert you can hang out with.

"I was so happy to meet a twintrovert at Sandy's birthday. The last thing I wanted to do was try and talk to someone loud and too outgoing."

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