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6 Simple DIY Combos That'll Inspire You To Redecorate

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What you'll need: 4 planks of wood, saw, wooden ladder, drill, 8 screws, screwdriver, paintbrush, and paint.

1. Cut 4 equal-sized planks of wood that can comfortably fit on each ladder rung.

2. Secure planks to ladder rungs with screws.

3. Add books and paint your bookshelf however you please!

What you'll need: hard plastic dinosaur, small melamine plate, sandpaper, adhesive, spray paint, handheld saw, and parchment paper.

1. Use handheld saw to cut off the dinosaur head (make the cut even and level and sandpaper any rough edges).

2. Lightly sand the middle of the plate where the head will go.

3. Apply adhesive to the dinosaur body and attach to plate. Allow adhesive to dry for 24 hours.

4. Add the dinosaur head.

5. Spray paint the tray white, or whatever color you please.

What you'll need: faux flowers, plaster, bucket to mix, wax paper, votive for sizing, rubber bands, metal clippers, and a hot glue gun.

1. Remove the petals in the center of the flower (making enough room for a candle) and add a bit of glue to keep surrounding petals secure.

2. Mix plaster and add a little bit more water than the directions say.

3. Dip your flower into the plaster and gently shake -- make sure the whole flower is immersed.

4. Add your candle to the center of your flower while the plaster is still wet and press a single row of petals along the sides of the candle -- secure with rubber band.

5. Wait for plaster to dry, then add votive of your choice!

What you'll need: 4 straight top plates, 4 equal-length table legs, vintage suitcase, spray paint/stain for the legs, power drill, and measuring tape.

1. Turn the suitcase upside down and measure and mark out the 4 areas to place the straight top plates.

2. Secure straight top plates with a power drill.

3. Screw legs to the top plates.

4. Spray paint or stain the legs however you please!

What you'll need: lightbulb, pliers, glasses/goggles, dime-sized adhesive silicone bumpers, and terrarium ingredients.

1. Put on glasses or goggles and use pliers to first remove the metal tip from the bottom of the bulb.

2. Remove the black glass beneath the metal tip (you will need to break the black glass, so use some force).

3. Remove the remaining wires inside the bulb with pliers.

4. Add silicone bumpers to the bottom of the bulb to create a steady base.

5. Add terrarium ingredients!

What you'll need: toy hoop, spray paint, string lights, hot glue gun, and ribbon.

1. Spray paint your toy hoop whatever color you'd like.

2. Tie ribbon loosely across the toy hoop to create a criss-cross so you can hang the chandelier. Secure the ribbon in place with the hot glue gun.

3. Drape your string lights around the chandelier. Secure string lights in place with the glue gun.

4. Hang from ceiling and plug in!

All images were created by Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed.