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10 Pattern Combos You Never Knew Would Make An Epic Outfit

Matching is overrated. These designs pair for unexpected style, but nothing goes together better than earning cash back twice with the Citi® Double Cash card. Earn 1% cash back on your purchases and an additional 1% cash back as you pay!

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1. Ikat and Lettering

Courtesy of Eliza Higgins / / Thinkstock, 2

Prominently display a word or phrase you love while adding geometric ikat to complement the bold lettering. Your whole outfit -- and personality -- will shine.

2. Gingham and Gingham

Shutterstock / Thinkstock, 2

Whether it's a client meeting, daytime wedding, or date night with the GF or wifey, you can never go wrong with gingham. Double up for extra style success.

4. Geometric and Alphabet

Courtesy of Amen Fashion / / Thinkstock, 2

Letters and symbols and letters and symbols — complex, mysterious, and great for casual daytime or nighttime hanging.

5. Floral and Sheer Stripes

Courtesy of Lauren Nolan / / Thinkstock, 2

Every woman needs a little sheer in her life ;). Pair it with an innocent, girly floral to balance out the risqué.

6. Gingham and Stripes

Shannon Fagan / Getty Images / Thinkstock, 2

The weekend is all about kicking back, relaxing, and changing up your weekday routine. Bring some of that spontaneity to your outfits and mix colorful pieces that stand out against each other.

8. Argyle and Plaid

Shutterstock / Thinkstock, 2

We're going to guess you're probably bored of your office attire. Add some color and a geometric mix of patterns while still keeping it professional.

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