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We Tried A One-Size-Fits-All Bridesmaid Dress And Proved That It Isn't A Myth

Is a one-size-fits-all dress even a thing?

Finding a perfect bridesmaid dress that looks good on everyone in your bridal party...kinda sorta never happens.

Watch these ladies try a one-size-fits-all bridesmaid dress!

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Jazzmyne, Selorm, Destinee, and YB agreed to try on this Dress and Charm Short Infinity bridesmaid dress that promises to fit a size 0 through 18.


The dress is advertised as a convertible dress that can be styled a number of different ways.


Though they liked the color, the ladies were legit concerned about something the dress didn't have.

YB tried it on first and looked super cute, but she was pretty meh about it.


"I think it's just a regular flowy dress, and I don't know if I would wear this as a bridesmaids dress." Way to keep it real, YB.

Destinee was up next and, though she thought it was cute, she didn't think it was the most flattering dress for her shape.

Moving on to Selorm, who rocked the dress just a little differently and felt like a total princess.


"The boobs are the only downside of this dress, 'cause I just don't know what I would do with it or what kind of bra to wear." Fair enough.

When it was Jazzmyne's turn to try it on, the dress came through once again. Though she wasn't a fan of it at first, it grew on her.


"I'm, like, literally shocked. Whenever I go, even if it's the plus-size section or one-size-fits-all, I'm never believing it."

Okay, so in the end, everyone agreed the dress looked good on all four of them and that perhaps the one-size-fits-all thing had come through this time...but did they actually like the dress?

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