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Here's A DIY Sushi Mat Travel Organizer And It's So Damn Cute

When you're obsessed with makeup and sushi...

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* Weave the ½-inch width elastic band through the sushi-rolling mat.

* Once weaved to the end, hot glue the elastic band and cut any excess. Loosen each of the straps. Repeat the hot gluing step on the other end.

* Measure the length of your sushi mat with your 1-inch width elastic band then cut the band 1 inch from the end of the mat.

* Weave the 1-inch width band once on the right side of the mat and hot glue the band.

* Using 1 inch of the Velcro tape, hot glue the tape to the inside of 1-inch width elastic band that is farthest from the mat.

* Flip the mat over and repeat the last step on the other side of the elastic band but on the part closest to the mat.

* Flip the mat back over and insert everything your traveling with. Roll the mat toward the end of the elastic band and Velcro it close.

Now you’re organized and ready to travel!

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