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47 Things Every Couple Says When Deciding On A Movie

There's just so much to consider. At least Cineplex VIP Cinemas' Humpdate offer is a no-brainer: On Wednesday nights, you can get dinner and a movie for two for $50.

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I don't want to see a rom-com tonight; I'm feeling unusually manly.

Some rom-coms are genuinely good! Yes, many are bad, but there are a few classics.

Can we see something without subtitles? I feel like I've read too much today already.

No, definitely not a musical. Isn't that what Broadway's for?

Movie musicals are like rom-coms — some are honestly of real quality!

Like, how cool is it when an actor you never knew could actually sing just starts belting??

Maybe we should see a space movie. I want to feel as though I've been on a journey.

We should see what's nominated for an award. Or what's good on Rotten Tomatoes. Those are usually the same, right?

Why do people think that movies with a ton of great actors in them will be good? They always turn out to be disappointing.

I don't want to see that action one. It has the actress whose neck makes me uncomfortable.

Like actually, why is her neck so long?

Maybe we should see something sad.

No, I'm already too sad about how freezing it is outside.

They should make more movies that are set in the summer during the winter. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but I think I'm on to something...

I love that movies are an excuse to eat so much candy.

If you get something chocolaty, and I get something gummy, can we share?

Or, even better, mix them both together on top of popcorn? Just saying.

Speaking of food, what should we do for dinner?

Dinner and movie is a great date, but it means having to make TWO tough decisions!

Is there an alien film playing? Let's be serious, nothing really trumps aliens.

OMG, I can't wait for the previews. I love the previews. In my opinion, previews are at least 30% of why movies are great.

The best is when it's a preview for something coming out pretty soon. Like if we see a preview for something tonight that we could see next week, then next time we'd know what to see!

Should we try to get there early enough to see the film trivia? Because honestly, I think you might be in trouble this time — I've been studying.

I wonder if the theatre will be crowded.

What if they run out of popcorn? Does that happen?

I wish there was a movie playing that had a good makeover in it.

Makeovers are so inspiring. I should definitely get one.

OK, what if we see this movie — it's based on a book. You read that book right? Or did we just both talk about maybe reading that book?

Maybe we should see a kid's movie. I know I said aliens are the best, but I lied — kid's movies are definitely the best.

You know what I miss? Movie soundtracks. Like on a CD.

Do they even still sell those? Ugh, I'm so old.

I miss when my mom used to drop me and a friend at the movie theatre and it was THE most exciting part of my week.

So, another option: this one about snakes. Now before you say anything, remember how much I love snakes.

We should really see something that's going to be award-winning.

It's important that we're up on what's award-winning. Nothing is a more perfect icebreaker at awkward dinner parties.

I don't care. You pick.

The cool thing about seeing a movie tonight is it'll be like we DID something. Even though we didn't do the laundry, we still got something done, you know?

Weeknight movies definitely make me feel like a more productive human being.

I wish there was a prequel out right now. I love prequels.

It's hard to know if you can trust reviewers — or friends — or your own personal tastes. This whole process is so existential.

I hope we're making the right choice.

How could we not be? We've come at it from all angles.

I can basically already taste the popcorn in my mouth. We better get going.

I'm glad we reserved those perfect not-in-front and not-in-back seats!

Pretty much straight-middle of the theatre is where we've gotta be.

Dead center, covered in popcorn. Dream come true.

I'm really proud of us for actually getting out of the house and doing this. We are so rocking this Wednesday night.

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