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12 Easy Ways To Feel Like A VIP

Why pretend like you're not a big deal? Have a Humpdate on Wednesdays at Cineplex VIP Cinemas and get dinner and a movie for two for $50.

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1. Befriend your local bartender.


Score fast service, first place at the jukebox, and exclusive access to the bar afterhours. There are lots of ways to make yourself the #1 customer — study them.

5. Get a personal stylist.

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A personal stylist will take into consideration your measurements, ideal style, and what you need to dress for and come back with the perfect outfits just for you. Wear only the best — as a queen would.

6. If you're a wine lover, look into joining a Wine Club.


Have hand-selected wines delivered to your door every month; then throw monthly wine parties to show off your wine selection and wine knowledge.

7. Snag an important role in someone's big day.


Of course this day is all about them, but you can enjoy some of the spotlight too. Be prepared to talk at length about how long you've known the person and what a big part you've played in his or her happiness.

8. Treat yourself to some monthly luxury.


Look online for subscription services and sign up for any that serve your interests. Maybe you'd like to receive monthly manicure supplies or beauty products? There's something for everyone.

10. Follow the right people on social media so you feel like you're in the in-crowd.


Be savvy and find free show listings, party listings, and other ways to mingle with the elite. You'll be a true social media rock star.

Get true VIP treatment: Have a Humpdate on Wednesdays at Cineplex VIP Cinemas to get dinner and a movie for two for $50.