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    Super Useful Things From Lowe's That All Cost Under $100

    Because who doesn't love inexpensive products that make life easier.

    1. A bamboo toilet stool that will upgrade your bathroom experience to the highest-quality, both in performance and looks. Trust me, it's super useful when you gotta go, but need some help.

    The stool in front of toilet

    2. A Honeywell thermostat with seven-day programming and an early start feature, so your house is the right temperature at the right time. Plus, it'll help you save on your heating bill.

    The thermostat with back-lit screen

    3. A portable, handheld fabric steamer because you want crisp, wrinkle-free clothes at all times, even when you're traveling.

    The steamer packing in a suitcase

    4. A Google nest mini so you can have a cute and compact speaker that can also be used to control your home with simple voice commands, like, "Hey Google: turn up the heat, dim the lights and turn on the TV."

    The Google nest on a console table behind a TV set

    5. A single-serve coffee maker for a simple way to make your favorite brew each morning — just lower the lid, press the button, and voilà! Coffee from either a pod or your own grounds.

    the coffee maker in a kitchen

    6. A programmable electric pressure cooker because this useful kitchen appliance pretty much does it all — it's a slow cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, and more!

    The pressure cooker

    7. A powerful weed killer that promises visible results in just 15 minutes! It works on all types of weeds and grass on hard-scapes, landscape beds, and even those sneaky weeds in your vegetable garden.

    Bottle of the weed killer outside on weed-free pavement

    8. A laundry cart with three removable bag compartments so you can sort your laundry from the moment you throw it in the hamper and hang up delicates to dry. Genius!

    9. A wet-and-forget shower cleaner for those who hate scrubbing their tub (which I'm assuming is everyone?). Just spray this bleach-free formula once a week and rinse away the dirt and grime the next day. Easy peasy!

    A before (left) and after (right) showing the stains removed from the shower

    10. A cordless Shark vacuum mop for the best of both worlds — it sucks up dry debris like a vacuum, but also sprays sticky messes like a mop, and all with a single disposable pad.

    A model using the vacuum mop on a very dirty hardwood floor

    11. A mildew-resistant grippy shower mat because you definitely don't want to slip and fall in the tub.

    The white plastic mat

    12. A tabletop fire bowl to bring some extra warmth and cozy vibes to your patio. It rests on the umbrella hole, and keeps the propane tank sneakily hidden underneath the table.

    a photo of the mini fire bowl

    13. A battery-powered 400-lumen LED headlamp so you never have to work in the dark — whether you're insulating the attic or setting up your camping tent.

    The headlamp

    14. A super-sleek motion sensor trash can so you never have to touch the icky garbage can again — not to mention, it looks wayyy too fancy for trash.

    The trash can with a 40L/11 gallon capacity

    15. An Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick that will instantly turn any old TV into a smart TV, letting you stream from all your favorite media apps in high-def.

    the fire stick with Alexa voice remote

    16. A container of Drano because this cleaner busts through hair and other gunk clogging the drain like an absolute beast. Drano to the rescue!

    Container of Drano Max gel

    17. A wireless garage door keypad since punching in a four-digit code is a whole lot easier than trying to find the secret hidden key when you get locked out — especially if you hid it a little *too* well.

    Woman opening the garage with the keypad

    18. A portable battery pack so you never have to worry about your phone (or AirPods) very inconveniently dying on you (because it always happens at the *worst* times).

    The charging pack charing an iphone and airpods

    19. An automatic pet feeder that lets you control when and how much food is dispensed, using an app on your phone. You can even record cute messages that will play during mealtime for when you can't be there with your fur babies yourself.

    The feeder shown next to the app scheduling feeding

    20. A 10-compartment bamboo organizer tray so you can clear up that office or bathroom clutter with something super cute and chic.

    The tray organizing makeup and beauty products

    21. A dual-band Wi-Fi extender to make sure you get a strong signal in every little nook and cranny of your house or apartment.

    The wifi extender

    22. A container of fast-acting ice melt because ~winter is coming~ — along with all that super slippery and very dangerous ice.

    The container

    23. A smart water-leak sensor so you'll get a handy notification from the app *before* any serious flooding happens. It's worth the investment solely for the peace of mind.

    The sensors shown next to the app displaying "normal"

    24. A Brita pitcher that filters as you pour, which is super useful if you don't have the time or patience to wait for your water to slowly trickle through the filter while filling it up.

    Someone pouring water through the pitcher

    25. And lastly, a household tool set because absolutely everyone should have a basic tool kit. I'm convinced it's the most useful thing I own.

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