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    Shop BuzzFeed's Thanksgiving Collection Is Here To Give You The Perfect Post-Turkey Outfit

    AKA the Thanksgiving food coma attire you've been waiting for.

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    Not sure what to wear for Thanksgiving this year? Well, we've got you covered — Shop BuzzFeed's Thanksgiving Collection is here with cute and comfy turkey-day tees, AKA the perfect counterpart to your ~Thanksgiving pants~.

    Let's take a look at not one, but all five shirts from the collection!

    1. First up, this activity-defining tee to make your intentions explicitly known as soon as you walk through the door. We'll be skipping the small talk and heading straight to the turkey-eating part, thank you very much.

    The heather gray short sleeve t-shirt with printed message "This is my turkey eating shirt"

    2. A shirt for stuffing lovers that's funny because it's true, and just in case there was any doubt, now everyone will know that you're #teamstuffing (me too).

    3. Or, if your Thanksgiving allegiances lie elsewhere, you'll want this "team canned cranberries" number instead — and for extra emphasis, be sure to get in red!

    The red t-shirt reading "team canned cranberries"

    4. A T-shirt that simply reads mashed potatoes — is it talking about the fact that you love them so much, or that you kinda feel like a bowl of mashed potatoes as you lounge on the couch in your post-feast food coma? Yes.

    the grey t-shirt

    5. And lastly, this sweet 'n sassy printed tee to remind everyone that you're attending the family gathering for one reason and one reason only — to eat dessert.

    the black t-shirt reading "i'm only here for the dessert"

    You on the couch post-Thanksgiving, wearing your Shop BuzzFeed Thanksgiving attire:

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