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    44 Food And Kitchen Products Our Readers Are Loving In 2022

    As you'll see, they have great ~taste~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A stain remover gel since it clears out all the gunk and grossness from tile, sinks, grout, and more with absolutely zero scrubbing on your part. Seriously! Just squeeze it on and then give it six to eight hours to work its magic and restore your kitchen to its former sparkling glory.

    2. A 100% natural oven cleaner that requires a bit of scrubbing, but actually clears away all the grime caked on the glass, meaning you can once again watch the magic of your cookies baking in the oven.

    The cleaner in glass jar next to wire scrubbie

    3. A cleverly designed pancake dispenser bottle so anyone, no matter what their age or culinary skill level, can quickly and easily whip up some perfectly formed flapjacks. Although feel free to get creative with other fun shapes too.

    Reviewer photo showing griddle with three perfectly round pancakes and dispenser bottle sitting on counter

    4. An Our Place Perfect Pot, the equally impressive counterpart to the beloved Always Pan — this cleverly designed pot takes the place of your stockpot, Dutch oven, saucepot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser, and spoon rest, not to mention how stylish it'll look sitting on your countertop.

    Someone using pot grips on the side handles as they put the blue pot into the oven

    5. A frozen dessert maker that basically works magic by whipping up frozen fruit into delicious dairy-free soft serve!! Reviewers rave about the fact that you needn't add anything but the fruit itself to end up with a sweet ice cream-like treat, but if you do add other ingredients, the possibilities are really endless.

    Reviewer's photo of frozen fruit soft serve coming out of the maker into a bowl containing other flavors already

    6. A compact cutlery organizer if you're tired of digging around in the drawer for the utensil you actually need. Kitchen cutlery chaos, begone!

    Reviewer's photo of drawer with two cutlery organizers used to hold utensils and other kitchen tools kept in between the organizers

    7. A carton of Flavacol popcorn seasoning salt for all my diehard movie theater popcorn lovers out there — this is that ✨secret ingredient✨ most theaters and amusement parks use so now you can get your fix right at home!

    the salt on a bowl of popcorn

    8. An Oxo microfiber dusting wand since it's the perfect size and shape for getting at all those practically impossible-to-reach spots, like under the fridge and stove.

    Someone using the duster to clean under the stove

    9. A macrame fruit hammock because your apples and bananas will be the coolest on the block chilling in this boho contraption.... and the award for most functional and fashionable fruit storage goes to... YOU!

    The basket hanging in corner above countertop and holding bananas, apples and oranges

    10. A bottle of Goo Gone — a liquid kitchen degreaser that effortlessly removes even the most stubborn and caked-on greasy build-up from stoves, cabinets, ovens, and anything else that needs it.

    11. A garbage disposal foaming cleaner if you've been searching for a bleach-free way to clear away all the gunk and build-up from the drain. And yes, this should rid the kitchen of that horrible smelly odor emanating from the sink and replace it with a fresh lemony scent instead!

    The foaming disposal cleaning pack resting in a garbage disposal drain of sink

    12. A set of dino ice pop molds for a ~cool~ way to make summertime more fun. Kids will love them... but so will adults.

    Reviewer showing a red berry dino pop made using the mold

    13. A speckled dinnerware set sure the impress all the guests at your next dinner party with its cute and colorful rustic charm. Best news of all, the dishes are chip resistant and dishwasher safe!

    The green, blue and cream dishes set out on table

    14. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets because you can't really expect your glasses to come out clean if the dishwasher itself is dirty. The solution — run a load of dishes with one of these tablets thrown in, and everything will come out nice and sparkly again!

    Reviewer giving up thumbs up in front of affresh tablet box sitting inside sparkly clean dishwasher

    15. A pair of spill-proof toddler snack containers featuring easy-to-grip handles and soft flaps that let them access their yummy munchies yet prevent them from dumping everything out and making a mess. Perfect for snack time at home, school, or daycare!

    16. A cooktop cleaning kit that will keep your ceramic stove top looking brand new to the point where your friends might even question if you ever actually cook at home.

    someone cleaning their stovetop with the cleaning kit

    17. A sandwich cutter and sealer, AKA a DIY-decruster, if your kid has inherited your genetic childhood aversion to crusts. We all remember how great those "Uncrustable" sandwiches were, and now you can make your own right at home!

    Reviewer's photo of the cutters next to a slice of bread with perfectly round uncrustable cut out

    18. A plant-based stainless steel cleaner because every time someone opens the fridge —bam! fingerprint! With this, you can keep your appliances sparkly clean, and the fingerprints *might* not irritate you as much.

    19. A three-piece set of kids' kitchen knives so young budding chefs can join you and safely help out with the culinary tasks. Even though they're plastic, reviewers say they cut pretty well!

    Reviewer's kid using the white plastic knife to chop a summer squash on a cutting board outside

    20. A slim four-tier storage cart if you're low on shelf space in the kitchen — just roll this into that tiny crevice between the cabinet and fridge and voila! you've just created a new mini pantry!

    Reviewer's photo of the rack placed in space between fridge and countertop with three spices stored on second shelf

    21. A bottle of Drop It, wine drops that naturally reduce both sulfites and tannins, AKA the guilty parties responsible for causing those morning-after hangover headaches.

    Reviewer's photo showing glass of red wine and Drop it bottle on counter. Photo captioned by reviewer "trying these drops out. I have been getting headaches one glass in recently. So far they are working and it makes the wine really smooth."

    22. A magnetic air fryer cheat sheet to make cooking with your air fryer even speedier. This handy guide lists out cooking time and temperature for all sorts of popular food items, including meats, vegetables, frozen foods, and more so you don't have to waste all that time sifting through online recipe blogs.

    reviewer's photo with the magnetic sheets on fridge

    23. A soda can cover so you can actually save that second half of your drink for tomorrow knowing it'll still be fizzy. Plus, you won't have to worry about it spilling all over the place if it gets accidentally knocked over in the fridge.

    reviewer holding can of seltzer with clear cover snapped on

    24. A stainless-steel watermelon slicing tool if you always struggle with cutting it into even pieces (and especially to do so without nicking your finger). With this, all you have to do is slide the ruler-like tool into the melon and perfect little cubes will come out! And bonus! It comes with a little scoop for making melon balls too.

    Reviewer showing tool being used to slice watermelon

    25. A sleek stainless-steel paper towel holder that can be mounted under the cabinet or kitchen sink with or without screws — yep! there's a simple self-adhesive tape option — because counter space is valuable real estate and you don't want to waste it on storing paper towels!

    Reviewer's silver paper towel holder mounted under kitchen cabinet with roll of paper towels on it

    26. A pair of BBQ grill lights with a heavy magnetic base, flexible gooseneck, and super bright LED bulbs because your grilling schedule shouldn't have to depend on the sun (especially during the short winter days).

    Reviewer's photo of lights set up on grill while it snows

    27. A monogrammed mug because it's got that absolutely adorable cozy cafe aesthetic, but more importantly, will be clearly marked by your initial so your family members and coworkers can't get away with stealing it for themselves!

    The monogrammed mugs with gold and black detailing on the white ceramic tile design in letters A, B and C

    28. A Rachael Ray two-piece aluminum fry pan set since these colorful beauties are nonstick. Translation: all those yummy breakfast foods you cook up will finally look as good as they taste *and* cleanup will be way easier too!

    The red fry pan sizzling up breaded meat cutlets in butter

    29. A bread dispenser box designed to keep loaves of sandwich bread fresh for days, a true game changer for folks who find themselves constantly having to throw out the last quarter or so of the loaf when it goes stale.

    Reviewer's photo of bread dispenser box open to show fresh slice of bread

    30. A cold brew coffee maker if you like your coffee cold and strong but are sick of spending $5+ every morning at the local coffee shop.

    Reviewer's split image showing the coffee maker up close in new packaging (left) and a mason jar filled with iced coffee and milk with the cold brew maker resting behind it (right)

    31. A Henckels 13-piece knife block set with all the high-quality blades you need to ~sharpen~ your cooking skills. You'll be amazed how much better (and easier) cooking suddenly becomes when you start using the proper knife for the job. Plus, the self-sharpening block will make dull blades a problem of the past.

    the knife block set on a counter

    32. A bottle of Mike's chile-infused hot honey to add a kick of sweetness and a touch of heat to your culinary creations. Things reviewers love it with: fruit salad, burgers, french toast, chicken, and... coffee??

    The hot honey being drizzled on pepperoni pizza

    33. A clay bear because I'm pretty sure you can't own a jar of brown sugar without one! This little cutie keeps your sugar soft and moist for months, at which point all you have to do is re-soak it in some water, and you're good to go again. 🐻

    The clay bear in a container of brown sugar

    34. An egg timer so you end up with perfectly ~egg-sellent~ boiled eggs, whether you want them soft, medium, or hard!

    The egg timer in a pot of eggs boiling

    35. A bristled blade brush cleaner for a super safe and effective way to clean sharp knives, utensils, or any other kitchen gadget that's hard to clean by hand.

    Reviewer using the green scrubber to clean sharp blade

    36. A silicone freezer tray and lid featuring four large one-cup wells. In other words, the perfect size for portioning out single servings of meals, soups, ready-to-mix smoothies, and more.

    Reviewer's photo of the blue mold tray with pulled pork portioned out into the four wells

    37. A bag of cheddar cheese powder that will only further your love affair with cheesy foods. You can sprinkle this on popcorn, use it to make homemade mac 'n' cheese, whip up some cheesy mashed potatoes, the sky's the limit people!

    reviewer image of a bowl of mac and cheese made with the cheddar cheese powder

    38. A digital food thermometer because the key to preparing perfectly moist and tender meats is to cook them to the exact right temperature, which this will conveniently measure and display for you.

    model using the stick thermometer on a slab of meat

    39. A jar of Sabatino truffle seasoning so you can add the gourmet high-class flavor note of truffle to whatever you're cooking up. 😋

    the seasoning next to a burger

    40. A Ninja ice cream maker since it's not only a lot more fun to whip up your own flavors of ice cream, but also way cheaper! I scream, you scream, we all scream for (homemade) ice cream!

    Reviewer's photo of the ice cream maker whipping up creamy and thick cookies n cream ice cream

    41. A garlic press that works through a gentle rocking motion rather than by loading the cloves in and smushing the garlic out (like more traditional presses). Why is this design far superior? Well, it's not only way easier to use but also to clean. And it comes with tools for peeling off the shell and scraping the minced garlic off the surface!

    Reviewer's photo of the press loaded with minced garlic

    42. A pack of green produce bags because storing your fruits and veggies in these helps extend their shelf life and keep them fresher for longer!

    Review photo showing yellow banana stored in green bag next to control banana not stored in green bag, which is much riper with more brown spots

    43. A peekaboo mug featuring an adorable ceramic critter hiding at the bottom to surprise you — just the extra boost of happiness you need as you finish those last precious sips. 😊

    The various mugs with different ceramic animals and plants hiding at the bottom

    44. A fully automatic espresso machine that will give you cafe-quality lattes with literally just the press of a button. I'm pretty sure that's actually less work than going to the drive-thru at Starbucks.

    reviewer's photo of the espresso machine sitting on their counter making latte

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