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Here Are 30 Eco-Friendly Products To Put On Your Wishlist This Season

*wink wink nudge nudge* to whoever's shopping for you this spring.

1. A reusable 32-page smart notebook if you're someone who spends their days writing, writing, and writing some more. With this, you can scan your pages right after you write them, save them to your device, clear the page, and repeat tomorrow!

Model writing on the notebook

2. A silk heatless curling set for working literal magic by curling your hair *without* the use of harmful, damaging heat. In fact, it's actually good for your hair (and your electricity bill!) as the satin helps prevent frizz and breakage. Say whaaaat??!! 😱

3. A glass water bottle with a stainless-steel infuser so gorgeous you won't ever be tempted to use single-use tea bags again. Aesthetics? Check. Eco-friendly? Check, check.

Reviewer's photo of glass tea bottle resting outside on bridge over water

4. A set of two GreenPan nonstick fry pans if the thought of having to scrape crusty food remnants off the bottom of the pan one more time is enough to make you never want to cook a meal again. These feature a super slick and easy-to-clean surface free of toxic chemicals traditionally found in nonstick pans, like PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. Finally!

Someone sauteing pan roasted potatoes on stove, with fry pans of sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts on other burners

5. A plant-based exfoliation glove I personally swear by — it sloughs off tons of gross skin every time I use it, but even better than how soft it leaves my skin, is the fact that it's helped to noticeably reduce my KP, and all using just water!! PLUS, it's compostable, I mean wowee!

close-up of dead skin sloughed off using the glove on legs

6. A coconut bowl and spoon for serving up artsy smoothie bowls, cereal, soups, and any other yummy eats you can think of! These zero-waste bowls are super cute and will add a tropical aesthetic to your eating arrangement.

Three of the coconut bowls each filled with a smoothie bowl with spoons resting on table

7. A countertop electric composter bundle so you can turn those food scraps directly into dirt at the touch of a button — and in as little as four hours to boot!

8. A pack of large gold metal hair clips to give your plastic ones a sophisticated, more sustainable upgrade. Not to mention, you'll have four gorgeous designs to choose from, so you can change it up from day to day.

models wearing the clips

9. A handcrafted Japanese wood diffuser that gently absorbs and disperses the aromas of essential oils naturally through the wood itself — that's right! No electricity or power required to indulge in your favorite relaxing and invigorating scents 24/7.

The small and large wooden diffusers sitting on table

10. A bar of Ethique solid shampoo for anyone who's been on the hunt for a high-quality, all-natural shampoo bar that's actually as good as the kind that comes in plastic bottles — their vegan formulas are all free of soap, palm oil, and aluminum, pH-balanced, and specially crafted to address different hair types and scalp issues.

Model using of the shampoo to wash the back of their hair

11. An aromatherapy pillow mist to make your bedsheets, blankets, and linens smell so wonderful, all of which will help soothe you into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Four of the pillow mists in scents lave eu, palo santo, wildflowers, and santal & cardamon

12. An insulated stainless-steel tumbler for a super cute way to enjoy your drinks on the go sans plastic and at the perfect temperature, hot or cold. Plus, it comes with two lids, one flip lid, and one straw lid!

Reviewer's photo of blue and pink cup with straw and lid sitting on car console

13. A bio-based cork yoga mat to make those cherished moments of mindful movement even better. In addition to being made from 70% renewable materials, the unique cork surface and plant foam cushioning *also* make it super nonslip and odor-free!

Someone in open back bend pose on cork yoga mat on beach

14. A cult-favorite face roller here to take the place of your blotting sheets — just a few swipes of this oil-absorbing volcanic stone is all you'll need to banish any unwanted shininess, time and time again.

15. A reusable grocery bag that folds up into a tiny pouch, which means you can bring one with you pretty much everywhere — and thus, you'll never again find yourself caught at the grocery store and having to reluctantly use a plastic bag because you left all your reusable ones at home. Oh, and did I mention, they're so. stinking. cute.

16. A hand-poured sustainable soy candle because it's 100% all-natural, certified cruelty-free, doesn't increase CO2 levels in your home, *and* smells just divine. Plus, for every candle purchased, a tree gets planted!

17. A tinted mineral sunscreen since the certified organic and all-natural formula will keep your skin protected from sun damage for up to 80 minutes *without* negatively harming the marine ecosystem while you swim. Yep, it's reef-safe, completely biodegradable, and even comes in a recyclable plastic-free tin!

Model holding the sunscreen tin next to their face

18. A set of acacia wood cutting boards for an absolutely gorgeous (and more heavy-duty!) upgrade to your current plastic cutting boards. Even snack time is gonna feel gourmet when you use these to prep and serve!

19. A box of ultra-soft cotton muslin tissues — and let it be noted that the dispenser "box" is actually made from denim cotton fabric, too — so you can quit sniffling and get on with your day!

The denim tissue box with cactus print and pink striped trim with one cotton reusable tissue pulled out

20. A Google Nest smart thermostat since it will keep your house at the perfect temperature, and thus maximize your energy efficiency, whether you're home or not. Program a heating/cooling schedule, adjust the temp directly from the smartphone app, or just ask Alexa to turn up the heat!

Reviewer's fog thermostat on wall reading 88ºF outside and 78º indoors with 58% chance of precipitation

21. Dental lace — a biodegradable woven silk dental floss, if you want to skip the petroleum-based plastic found in most traditional floss. This nontoxic alternative is made from vegan, plant-based wax and essential oils and comes in a cute glass dispenser jar (don't worry, it has a built-in floss cutter). I made the switch about a year ago, and I can confirm that I do indeed smile brighter knowing I'm cleaning my teeth with more earth-friendly floss!

the dental lace

22. The famous Allbirds runner — uber soft and supportive everyday sneakers made from lightweight and breathable eucalyptus fibers, which means they're as sustainable as they are comfy.

Someone walking outside on steps and kicking heel up in the black sneakers

23. A Bluecup starter kit containing a reusable, refillable coffee capsule that's compatible with most Nespresso machines — just fill it with your favorite fine-ground coffee, brew, and enjoy. Then, rinse and repeat the next morning. Talk about an eco-conscious quick caffeine fix!

24. Or, a reusable coffee filter made from 100% organic hemp for those of you who like to start your day with a manually-brewed cup of joe instead. Reviewers say this makes the coffee taste *even* better than disposable filters, so... yeah, sign me up.

Reviewer's photo using the hemp filter to prepare pourover coffee

25. A bamboo arch earring that's good for the environment and your ears! Wild Cloud is an eco-friendly shop based in San Diego, California that makes sustainable jewelry from bamboo. They also partner with Trees for the Future to help plant more trees around the world and support farmers and their families.

model wearing the arch statement earring

26. A small and lightweight portable campfire since it lights as easy as a candle and provides over three hours of burn time all with no firewood needed. Quick! Someone grab the s'mores fixings!

Reviewer's portable campfire in tin lit up on ground and glowing with small flame

27. A Keeki bread bag if bread is your one true love in life. The beeswax lining allows the loaf inside to breathe, thus keeping it soft, moist, and oh-so-fresh for days. In other words, no more stale sourdough or single-use wraps!

The yellow windowpane keeki bag with a crusty loaf of bread peeking out the drawstring opening

28. A bidet attachment that will entirely transform the experience of ~doing your business~. In fact, it's such a game-changer you'll likely never go back to TP (or public restrooms) again.

the white bidet attachment

29. A three-pack of reusable beeswax wraps to make packing lunches, wrapping up produce, and any other tasks usually requiring plastic wrap so much more enjoyable. I don't know about you, but I always struggle way more than should be necessary when trying to use plastic wrap, and it's not even better for the planet!

Reviewer's side by side showing a baking dish of banana bread uncovered and then covered with blue turtle patterned beeswrap

30. A zero-waste vegan lip balm since the soothing all-natural ingredients (which include shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil) will keep your lips soft and moisturized all day every day. And if you're anything like me, you reach for your lip balm on an almost hourly basis, let alone daily.

The strawberry rose lip balm on counter next to rose and strawberries

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.