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    31 Splurge-Worthy Kitchen Products From Target Reviewers Think Are Worth Every Penny

    These genius products will truly take your cooking and baking game to the next level.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An Instant Pot that will become the true MVP of your kitchen. With 11 different functions, you can use it to cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, and more. PLUS! It has a detachable air fryer lid so you don't have to buy a whole separate device to air fry your food. We stan multifunctional kitchen gadgets!

    instant pot with an air fryer top next to a roast chicken on a counter

    2. A set of high-quality stainless-steel knives with gorgeous walnut handles, which makes them as beautiful as they are functional. They'll stay sharp much longer than cheaper knives, which means you'll have clean, crisp cuts on your veggies, meat, and bread every time you're prepping a meal.

    the knife set

    3. A food processor that's perfect for whipping up sauces, salsas, or salad dressings. You can also use this to chop up a large amount of ingredients in a matter of seconds.

    cuisinart food processor with tomatoes chopped up inside

    4. A KitchenAid stand mixer to speed up all that mixing you have to do when making baked goods. Say goodbye to the arm cramps you get from using just a wooden spoon.

    blue kitchenaid stand mixer making muffin batter with ingredients all around it

    5. An indoor smokeless grill great for anyone who doesn't have access to outdoor space but still wants to get their barbecue on.

    powerxl smokeless indoor grill cooking salmon and asparagus

    6. A SodaStream sparkling water maker that will save you so much money on all that store-bought seltzer you're currently purchasing by the case. Plus: you'll reduce your carbon footprint by reusing the same bottle to make your sparkling water every time.

    black sodastream machine making sparkling water on a kitchen counter

    7. A mandolin slicer to get the most uniform slices of veggies you'll ever see in your life. There are four interchangeable blades and a height adjuster, meaning you can create straight slices, crinkle cuts, french fries, or julienne strips, all with varying levels of thickness.

    person using mandoline slicer to create thin, even slices of green pepper

    8. A Vitamix blender that has 10 different speeds so you can get the consistency you're aiming for every time. The blade is durable and sharp, the motor is surprisingly quiet, and the high-quality materials will make this blender last for decades. If you've been eyeing this appliance for a while, view this as a sign to take the plunge and buy it!

    black vitamix blender with a fuchsia smoothie inside of it

    9. Or this Magic Bullet mini blender for whipping up a morning smoothie in record time with minimal cleanup. This one comes with different-sized cups, including one with a handle and a travel lid so you can take your smoothie on the go.

    10. A self-cleaning juice extractor that will basically pay for itself once you start making your own green juices. The extra-large chute makes it super simple for you to insert any fruit or vegetable you're looking to juice.

    oster juicer catching green celery juice in a separate container

    11. A set of stainless-steel bowls with lids that you can use for easy food storage or taking your culinary creations on the go.

    three stainless steel bowls with plastic lids on the side

    12. A waffle maker that will produce diner-quality waffles in a matter of minutes. The nonstick plates allow your cooked waffle to lift with ease, and you can control the temperature to get the exact level of crispiness you want in your waffle.

    person using tongs to lift waffle out of a flip waffle maker

    13. A enameled cast-iron Dutch oven that will become your go-to for all those cozy pasta and soup recipes you're going to make this winter. It's also perfect for bread-making because it's oven-safe.

    red lodge dutch oven with a matching trivet

    14. And a pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet, because it allows for even heat distribution so your food will come out perfectly every time.

    multiple cast iron skillet on an outdoor grill cooking vegetables

    15. An all-mighty air fryer poised to become your new favorite kitchen gadget because it can cook practically any food to crispy perfection with very little oil. Get ready to make the best french fries of your life.

    black powerXL air fryer with a salmon filet next to it

    16. A set of OXO food storage containers with an airtight seal to keep your food fresher for longer. Press the button on the top once to seal the silicone gasket, and then press again to open the container.

    five oxo airtight containers with colorful ingredients inside

    17. A breadmaker for creating loafs so perfect, your family will think you went to your local artisanal bakery. This genius appliance has gluten-free settings, and it'll let out an alarm when it's time to add mix-ins like dried fruit or nuts.

    cuisinart bread maker with a swirl loaf sitting next to it

    18. A slow cooker if you're a "less is more" kind of person in the kitchen. What's better than throwing ingredients in this baby in the morning, turning it on, walking away, and then returning four to eight hours later to a fully cooked meal?!

    sliver crockpot cooking a stew while on a kitchen counter

    19. An ice cream maker so you can treat yourself to the good stuff whenever you feel like it. Go ahead – you deserve it! Bonus: this also makes frozen yogurt and sorbet.

    steel cuisinart ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet maker

    20. A set of nonstick cookware to cover all of your cooking needs whether you're making an omelet, stir-frying veggies, or boiling a pot of water for pasta. The best part is that these pots and pans easily stack inside each other — perfect for anyone with limited cabinet space.

    21. A sous vide cooker that's a reliable way to make tender and juicy meats that will impress your entire family come dinnertime. They'll think you took a cooking class from a professional French chef!

    22. A vacuum sealer machine to keep your food fresher five times longer than regular storage methods. Create custom-sized bags to feed through the machine, and it'll suck out every single morsel of air for the tightest seal on your food as possible.

    person using a vacuum sealer to suck the air out of a plastic bag with meat in it

    23. A two-in-one Keurig coffee machine that allows you to either make a single cup of coffee using K-Cups or an entire carafe of coffee from ground beans. It meets all your java needs with just one machine!

    keurig machine with a full coffee pot on the left and one mug on with coffee pouring in on the right

    24. A Brita pitcher so you can get clean, great-tasting water whenever you're feeling thirsty. Ditch that expensive habit of stocking your fridge with single-use plastic water bottles and start using this environmentally friendly alternative.

    person filling up a black brita pitcher from the kitchen faucet

    25. An electric can opener that requires just one touch from you, and it seamlessly opens cans all by itself. Gone are the days of struggling with those manual can openers that hurt your hand!

    black cuisinart electric can opener with a bowl of soup next to it

    26. A convection and toaster oven – it fits four slices of bread or a 9-inch pizza. It also has bake and broil settings, so if you don't have a traditional oven or don't want to use lots of energy, fire this small but mighty appliance up.

    black toaster oven with four slices of bread inside

    27. A roaster pan and rack that elevates whole chickens, turkeys, or hams in the oven so they cook and brown more evenly. Use the lifting handles on the rack to easily move the bird around, and make sure to add veggies underneath the meat to soak up all those delicious juices!

    two chickens roasting on a rack in a roasting pan with vegetables underneath

    28. An electric tea kettle because it heats up water about four times faster than that crusty stove top kettle you never use anymore. This one even has six preset temperatures optimized for specific types of tea so you'll get a perfectly brewed cup every time!

    cuisinart tea kettle with tea mugs right next to them

    29. A nonstick wok to stir fry vegetables and meat for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. By investing in this, you'll be able to save money on expensive takeout and create delicious dishes from the comfort of your home.

    stainless steel wok with beef and vegetables in the wok

    30. An angled measuring cup so you don't have to bring the cup up to eye level or bend down to see how much you've poured in.

    person pouring in milk into an angled oxo measuring cup

    31. A milk frother to get that perfectly fluffy foam on top of your homemade latte. You'll feel like a barista when you whip this thing out in the morning.

    person using a milk frother in a stainless steel milk jar

    You after you've upped your cooking skills by investing in these genius, problem-solving gadgets: