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    31 Storage Items To Take Advantage Of Vertical Space, Empty Walls, And Other Random Spots In Your Home

    Let no inch of potential storage space go unused.

    1. A clear shower curtain with pockets to store bathroom essentials like shampoo, body wash, or razors. You can hang this shower curtain with the pockets facing either the inside or outside, depending on what you need to store.

    clear shower curtain with pockets holding bathroom accessories

    2. A macrame fruit hammock because even your apples and oranges deserve a fancy place to kick back and relax in. But seriously, this ingenious storage solution frees up your counter space while also reminding you of all the fresh fruit you should eat before it goes bad!

    hanging fruit basket in a kitchen
    gif of model putting apples and oranges in the hanging basket
    Knapp's Knots / Etsy / Via Etsy

    Knapps Knots is a San Diego-based small business owned by Anastasia Knapp who is quite possibly making the cutest macrame and wood crafts you've ever seen.

    Promising review: "Absolutely loved it! Perfect if you have little counter space." —Jessi

    Get it from Knapp's Knots on Etsy for $27.90+ (available in two sizes and 12 colors).

    3. A garment rack that's a great solution if you happen to live in an apartment with practically no closet space. It increases your hanging space, and the shelving on the side provides more storage for folded clothes.

    4. A set of drawer organizers if you only have one drawer in your entire bathroom and you want to make the most of that space. In fact, you can turn that drawer into your dedicated makeup storage space!

    reviewer showing a makeup drawer with clear bins organizing it

    5. An over-the-door shoe organizer so you can keep all of your sneakers and sandals visible. If you're using this in a utility closet, it's also a great way to store cleaning supplies, food, or anything else you want to have handy.

    6. A three-tiered shelf to take advantage of that awkward corner on your kitchen counters. Place your most-used spices or oils on this so you can grab them while cooking.

    a three-tiered shelf with kitchen essentials on it

    7. A slim storage tower that slides right into that awkward space between your vanity and the wall, or in between your washer and dryer. Just when you've thought you've used every square inch of storage space, this lifesaver comes in to save the day!

    8. Or a bathroom storage tower to place in that usually wasted space in between your toilet and the wall. It comes with a toilet paper dispenser and plenty of space to store away cleaning supplies.

    grey storage tower with a cleaning brush inside the storage compartment

    9. A vinyl rack built for anyone whose collection is currently sitting in a dusty plastic bin at the bottom of their coat closet. This handmade rack can hold up to 40 albums, and you can flip through all the records with ease to find the one you want to play.

    wooden vinyl rack with about 10 records resting on it
    back view of the wooden vinyl rack
    Cilpastore / Etsy

    Cilpastore is a small business based in Latvia that creates handmade vinyl holders, organizers, and home decor.

    Promising review: "Arrived beautifully! Simple design yet solid build and impeccable quality! Will definitely buy again if I need to expand my LP vinyl collection." —Jasrie

    Get it from Cilpastore on Etsy for $50.07+ (originally $66.76+; available in four finishes).

    10. A pair of stackable water bottle organizers so you can stop shoving all of your drinking vessels into random corners of your cabinets. With this, you can easily see all of your water bottles at once and pick one out without the rest of them avalanching.

    11. A shower caddy that's held up by super-strong adhesive strips and holds way more bottles than a traditional caddy that attaches around the showerhead does. Now even the smallest of showers can get the storage they deserve.

    A stainless shower basket shelf with hooks

    12. An over-the-sink wooden rack for anyone who's thought, "If only I could add some counter space!" to yourself at least three dozen times. It comes in many different heights and widths, so you can order it to perfectly match the dimensions of your sink.

    wooden rack over the back of the kitchen sink that's holding a candle and a jar

    13. An expandable spice rack that magically increases the storage space in your cabinet while also arranging your spices so that you can see all of them with just one glance. Where has this been all my life?!

    14. A styling station to keep all of your hot hair tools in one place. If you're constantly worried your hot curling iron is going to fall off your tiny bathroom counter and burn you, this is a necessity.

    The styling station holding hair tools and hanging from a towel rack

    15. A cabinet door organizer if you haven't been able to figure out a good place to store awkwardly shaped things like cutting boards and aluminum foil.

    16. A set of space-saver bags to compress your bulky bedding or off-season clothing that is currently crowding your closet. You'll be amazed at how flat everything gets when you suck all the air out of the bags! Now you magically have more space to store even more clothes.

    17. A stealthy storage ottoman great for keeping your blankets, extra linens, or even your kid's toys hidden away. It also provides some extra seating in whatever room you place it in.

    18. A tower of slide-out baskets perfect for organizing products under your bathroom or kitchen sink. Because the baskets stack on top of each other, you'll be utilizing the vertical storage space and be able to fit so much more stuff down there.

    19. A storage cabinet sneakily designed to fit behind your door — bet you didn't think of adding storage there! If you don't have a medicine cabinet, this is a smart alternative for keeping your pills and supplements organized.

    20. An over-the-door basket system because the doors in your house are basically blank canvases, so why not hang up some spacious, durable baskets as a catch-all for your products?

    black over the door organizer with six baskets

    21. A towel rack if you don't have a linen closet or cabinet and need a place for your bulky towels. All you need is some blank wall space and some expert towel rolling skills to get the job done!

    reviewer's towel rack holding six grey towels

    22. A four-shelf over-the-toilet rack because that's some very valuable real estate, and if you don't currently have any sort of storage solution above your commode, this will change that!

    reviewer's gray storage tower packed with makeup and products

    23. An under-sink rack perfect for those pedestal sinks that don't have any sort of storage underneath them.

    reviewer's under cabinet storage rack with bath products

    24. Some storage cubes if you have a really high ceiling and want to use every last inch of storage space. You might want to invest in a step stool to reach the top of these stackable cubes!

    reviewer's closet with lots of clear cubes on the top shelf of the closet

    25. A wide stacking shelf for when you've already filled all the shelves in your closet or pantry and you need something that will help you utilize that available (and currently unused) vertical space on each shelf.

    26. An adjustable rack so you can keep all of your baking sheets, cutting boards, and pot lids upright and easy to reach. You'll be amazed how much new storage space you'll unearth when all your cooking supplies aren't just thrown in your cabinets and piled on top of each other.

    27. A hexagonal toilet paper holder — it honestly looks more like a fancy piece of wall decor than storage. We love a functional item that's equally as beautiful!

    honeycomb-shaped organizer packed with toilet paper

    28. This brilliant shelf organizer/extra hanging rod combo so you can use up every square inch of storage space your closet has to offer. Reviewers use the shelves to hold jeans and sweaters and the bottom rod to hang up tops.

    reviewer's closet with four-cube organizer filled with sweaters hung on rod; rod at bottom of organizer holds tops

    29. A set of cascading closet organizers — they magically decrease the amount of space your clothes take up, allowing you to fill your closet with even more clothes!

    30. A closet storage organizer with bins for very bare-bones closets that don't have any built-in storage within it besides a hanging rod. You can use the shelves to stack T-shirts or shoes and throw loose items in the baskets.