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What's The Best Meal You've Ever Had At A Restaurant?

Let us know the most droolworthy meal you've ever had!

Everyone remembers the moment their life changed after eating something amazing at a restaurant.

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Maybe you waited months to get reservations at a super exclusive restaurant, and the second they put the food down on the table, you knew you'd never be the same.

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You'll never forget the first bite of that ramen you had at that tiny 10-seat restaurant after waiting for hours outside.

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Or the juiciest meat you've ever consumed that you got from a restaurant's street fair stand.

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Seriously, Master of None might actually just be about food.

And ever since you've had it, you can't stop telling your friends about it. Or dreaming about it. Or going back to eat it every week.

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We want to know the best meal you've ever had at a restaurant and why you love it! What made it so unforgettable? Let us know the name of the restaurant and the city/state it's in. If you have a picture of the meal, make sure to send it along. You can send your answer through the DropBox below!


Make sure to let us know why the meal was so unforgettable! The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.