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Tell Us The Best Book You've Ever Read While On Vacation

Out of office, book in hand.

When packing for a vacation, picking out a good book to read is just as important as packing enough underwear for the length of your trip.

I personally get some of my best reading done on vacation because of the blissful stretches of uninterrupted lounging. I usually go for juicy thrillers that keep me wanting to read chapter after chapter.

But a good vacation read for one person isn't the same for everyone. Maybe you love to read fun romance novels, or maybe you're like Lin-Manuel Miranda and enjoy reading the biography of Alexander Hamilton on your vacation.

#MrowbackMonday In 2008 I bought Chernow's Hamilton bio to read on vacation. @HamiltonMusical rehearsal starts today.

We want to know what book you think is perfect to read while on vacation! Tell us which book we should pack in our carry-on (and why!) in the Dropbox below.