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    41 Backyard DIYs That Will Make Yours The Coolest House On The Block

    Spend the entire season outside!

    1. Give your succulents some personality with this adorable dinosaur planter.

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    This easy-to-make planter is one thing that won’t go extinct by the end of the summer.

    Full instructions on Nifty.

    2. Defend your backyard with this water balloon slingshot.

    3. Keep the mosquitoes away all summer with Mason jar citronella candles.

    4. Become the most popular neighbor on the block with this giant slip and slide.

    5. Transform tires into colorful outdoor tire seats.

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    Take a trip to the junkyard and grab some old tires to transform them into comfy seats you can use all summer long.

    Full instructions on Nifty.

    6. Use floor mats to make outdoor bean bags.

    7. Start a tournament after making this DIY tetherball set.

    8. Remodel a boring bistro set into the most coveted seats in the backyard.

    9. Craft your own cornhole game with sheets of plywood.

    10. Create your own stencils for this DIY patio table.

    11. Turn an inexpensive IKEA bench into a weatherproof outdoor bench.

    12. Watch out for falling pieces when this giant Jenga tower falls.

    13. Spend all summer in a DIY hammock.

    14. Light up the night with these solar illuminated planters.

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    Spruce up your backyard with these planters that give a touch of light and greenery at the same time.

    Full instructions on Nifty.

    15. Get creative with the filling for these outdoor pillows.

    16. Impress any houseguests with this beautiful Swedish flame.

    17. And make sure you’re roasting your marshmallows in style with these forks.

    18. Store your grill tools with style.

    19. Light up your backyard with these cute Mason jar lanterns.

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    You can easily customize these to fit your own personal taste.

    Full instructions on Nifty.

    20. Create your own ice cream parlor with this portable ice cream cart.

    21. Go vertical with your gardening by planting your succulents on a wooden handrail.

    22. Blow (or pop) giant bubbles.

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    Impress all the neighbors with these giant bubbles that kids and adults alike will get a kick out of.

    Full instructions on Nifty.

    23. Build a fire pit like a pro.

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    Making your own fire pit might seem like a difficult task, but this Nifty video will have you roasting your own marshmallows in no time.

    Full instructions on Nifty.

    24. Make s’mores in a pot.

    25. Try to get four in a row with this giant Connect Four.

    26. Turn a filing cabinet on its side and transform it into a stylish planter.

    27. Take it to the grass with a game of lawn twister.

    28. Or create a massive pattern in the grass with your backyard dominoes.

    29. Cool off with style with this PVC water park.

    30. Create magic with this hidden magnet bottle opener.

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    If you're throwing a party in your backyard, you'll definitely need a bottle opener for your guests to use. Keep the bottle caps off the floor with this ingenious DIY!

    Full instructions on Nifty.

    31. Repurpose your old pool noodles into cup holders.

    32. Transform empty liquor bottles into tiki torches.

    33. Store all of your bar accessories with this outdoor bar cart.

    34. Upcycle old drawers into a planter.

    35. Use wood pallets to make a walkway in your garden.

    36. Perfect your putt all summer long with this super-easy putting green.

    37. Get comfy with these outdoor pillow beds.

    38. Keep the outdoor games going all night long with glow-in-the-dark bowling.

    39. Personalize a blanket for summer with an iron-on design.

    40. Spruce up a standard doormat.

    41. Hang a lounge chair from your porch’s ceiling.