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15 Tips And Tricks To Actually Read More Books In 2018

Become the book reader you've always wanted to be.

1. Set a realistic number of how many books you want to read this year.

2. Determine a set amount of time or pages to read per day.

3. Figure out which time of day is the best for you to read.

4. Create a reading-friendly environment at home.

5. Get a library card. RIGHT NOW.

6. Carry a book everywhere.

7. Consider using your phone to read.

8. Start listening to audiobooks.

9. Buy used books at local bookstores.

10. Start a book club with your friends.

11. Or join a virtual community of readers.

12. Host a book swap party with your friends.

13. Read the book before the movie comes out.

14. Don’t be afraid to quit a book.

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