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    16 "Fixer Upper" Kitchens That Will Make You Want To Move To Waco

    God bless Joanna Gaines.

    1. By now, you already know Chip and Joanna transform less-than-ideal houses on their HGTV show, Fixer Upper, into beautiful homes that could make you weep. Problem is: all these houses are in Waco, Texas, and I'm not ever moving there.

    2. But there’s one aspect of Chip and Joanna’s fixer upper projects that would single-handedly make me move to boring Waco: the kitchens.

    3. With beautiful pops of color, minimalistic design, and gorgeous little touches (like those light fixtures!!), Chip and Joanna have redefined the term "dream kitchen."

    4. But here's the catch: Chip and Joanna design and build these to-die-for kitchens only for people who live in the Waco area.

    5. It's almost like those wooden beams are whispering to you, "Move to Waco..."

    6. You could live in a big city like Dallas, but would you have that backsplash beautifully paired with those subway tiles? I don't think so.

    7. Only in Waco would Joanna Gaines design you a kitchen island that is actually made out of a reclaimed bowling lane.

    8. If you moved to Waco, you'd have a big enough kitchen for an adorable separate kid's table. And in a house that costs less than $100K!

    9. Wait, did I say Waco is boring? I'd never get bored staring at that backsplash and antique door combo.

    10. Imagine sitting in this beautiful kitchen, pretending you're in a Nancy Meyers film, and whipping up some breakfast tacos.

    11. Waco can have some pretty harsh weather in the summer, but it won't even matter when Joanna designs an indoor herb garden in your kitchen.

    12. Okay, so maybe you want to live in a city like Houston that has more museums full of world-class art and culture. But with a waterfall marble island, your kitchen becomes a work of art.

    13. Just think of all the amazing Tex-Mex feasts you could cook with all of that counter space.

    14. And you never know if Chip might stop by in the morning and make pancakes for everyone!

    15. Nope, this isn't a kitchen from a mansion in Beverly Hills. This is in Waco.

    16. I officially apologize for all the times I badmouthed Waco. These kitchens have changed me.

    It's official: Packing my bags and buying a house in Waco. Chip and Joanna, call me. I've got a kitchen for you to remodel.