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    29 Cat Products To Make Your Pet Meow With Happiness

    Good luck getting your cat's attention after you give them these absolutely purrrr-fect toys, treats, and accessories.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cozy window hammock that your cat will think is so luxurious, they'll feel like they're sunbathing at a 5-star hotel on the French Riviera.

    Cat in hammock that is suction cupped to the window

    2. A set of robotic swimming fish — if your cat absolutely loves the water, they'll think these fish toys are the coolest things ever. They'll have so much fun as they go "fishing" with their paws as the robot fish swim around!

    3. A cat toy tower with spinning balls that will keep your cat occupied all day. Even the most disinterested of cats will find joy thanks to this!

    4. A bird teaser toy with real feathers if your cat is spending way too much time napping and hiding and you want to make sure they get some daily playtime in. With crinkly materials, ribbons, and built-in pockets of catnip, your feline is sure to love their new toy.

    brown and black cat playing with purple, blue and yellow cat toy

    5. A set of catnip-infused felt balls that they'll quickly become obsessed with — they'll be rolling these all around your house as soon as you open the tin. Because the catnip is held inside the balls, you won't be finding loose catnip all over your rugs and carpet!

    set of colorful catnip infused felt balls
    Simply B Vermont / Etsy

    Simply B Vermont is woman-owned small business and is based in Montpelier, Vermont.

    Promising review: "My cats absolutely flipped for these felted balls! They are both catnip fiends, so I assumed these would be a hit, but I underestimated how much they'd love playing with them. A huge hit in our household!" —Danielle Taylor

    Get a set of four from Simply B Vermont for $13.99 (available in several colors).

    6. A "Did you feed the cat?" sign so you never have to worry about whether you're over- (or under-!) feeding your favorite feline.

    reviewer's did you feed the cat sign with some of the sliders showing green

    7. An adorable water fountain with a flower on top so your cat can sip on freshly filtered water in the cutest way possible. If you can't find your cat during the day, odds are they're taking a sip from the enticing flowing water.

    cat sipping from a blue water fountain with a flower on top

    8. Or this multi-tier drinking fountain perfect for cats with any joint issues or aches and pains — the raised tier is a great option for them to drink from while keeping their neck in a comfortable position.

    A calico cat drinking from a two-tiered fountain that is plugged into a wall

    9. A rotating sisal scratcher ball if scratching posts just aren't interactive enough for your highly intelligent kitty. They'll love pawing away at this and will get a kick out of how much it spins!

    a cat playing with the sisal scratcher ball

    10. A package of super tasty salmon nuggets to give to your cat as a treat when they've been extra good. The treats are small and soft — perfect for teeny tiny kitty mouths.

    11. A floppy robotic fish poised to become your cat's new best friend. Even the most aloof felines will go flippin' wild over this hilarious toy.

    a reviewer's cat playing with the fish

    12. An interactive feather and mouse game if your hyper-active cat is constantly pawing and swatting at things all day and you want to find something that lets them work out their energy in a fun, productive way.

    13. A Ripple Rug that your cat will love pouncing on, crawling under, scratching at...pretty much anything cats love to do, they can do it on this cool rug!

    14. A set of elevated cat bowls that'll seriously impress you with how sleek and modern they look, especially for the reasonable price tag. Because the bowls are a bit raised and angled, they'll help reduce neck strain for your cat as well as help aid digestion now that their neck is at a better position.

    The two bowls sitting in their holder

    15. A purring cat toy if they're going through some anxiety issues (relatable) and need some comfort in the form of an adorable toy to calm them down.

    16. A cat perch designed especially for adventurous cats who love to get as high as up as they can. Now you won't have to worry about them climbing on your bookshelves and knocking things over.

    Cat sitting on Vista perch shelf

    17. A heavy duty 76-inch cat tree because let's be real — your cat rules your household, and now they can lord over your living room like the king or queen they are. It also provides so much room for them to work out their energy, fight off boredom, and get all their scratches out.

    cream cat tree with a ginger cat perched on one of the landings

    18. A pack of matatabi chew sticks if your cat is constantly scratching up your furniture and you're looking for an outlet for all their energy. Matatabi is a plant native to Japan and is actually an alternative to catnip, so if your cat is stubborn and shows no interest in catnip, this might finally be the way to distract them from clawing away at every surface of your house.

    cat chewing on the stick

    19. A randomized laser that your cat will chase around your living room until their little feet get too tired to move. And the best part is it's automated, so you don't have to do any work to move the laser around!

    20. A tall scratching post with a sturdy base so your cat can scratch their little heart out without it ever tipping over. It's made out of woven sisal, which holds up better than carpeted scratching posts.

    21. Or this cactus-shaped cat scratcher so your cat can attack this instead of your couch. Plus: it's so cute, it will be a fun talking point in your living room decor whenever guests come over.

    cat scratching a cactus scratching post

    22. A fruit tart cat bed your feline friend will be *berry* pleased with. They'll look so adorable snuggling up along the "crust" when they get sleepy — plus: the fruit pillows can be used as toys!

    buzzfeed editor's cat in the fruit tart bed

    23. A cat litter box with entry at the top, which prevents litter from scattering everywhere. It also includes a litter scoop that attaches to the outside for quick and easy cleaning.

    24. A self-grooming cat toy that you can mount on a corner or just keep on the ground for your cat to scratch up on. It collects loose hair and has a compartment for catnip to entice your cat to use the groomer.

    a white and black cat scratching its cheek on a self groomer toy adhered to a corner

    25. A step-in harness for those indoor cats who love to get a taste of the great outdoors. With this, you can attach a leash and take them on walks at the park without worrying their hunting instincts will kick in and they'll run off.

    reviewer's black cat wearing a blue harness

    26. A cat cave that will not only give your feline a comfy new home, but it'll also be a beautiful new centerpiece in your living room. It's made out of 100% wool, which will stand up to your cat's sharp claws.

    four caves from Wooly Cat Caves in different colors

    27. A pack of wipes to deeply condition your cat's dry skin to prevent redness and flaking. They're made with all-natural ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal.

    burt's bees dander reducing wipes in foreground with cat in the background

    28. An automatic cat feeder that you can preprogram to dispense food throughout the day in case you always work long, unpredictable hours. Reviewers says that this automatic feeder is impossible to break into, so you don't have to worry about your pet overeating during the day.

    cat eating out of a automatic cat feeder in a kitchen

    29. A tunnel bed for both the rambunctious and the sleepy cat — when they're full of energy, they can run through the tunnel, but naptime hits, they can also take refuge in there and get their snooze on.

    Live footage of your cats dancing with delight when they realize they have all of these cool new things to make their lives so much better:

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