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12 People Tell Us The Craziest Stories Behind Their Fave Travel Souvenirs

When you travel, you want to remember every single moment. Get ready to make some lasting memories with CIBC's Aventura travel credit card.

1. If The Hat Fits

2. Rain Wallet

3. There's a Snake in My Wine

4. I'm Sorry Your Baby Is Ugly

5. Peacocking in Portugal

6. Purse First

7. The New Sheriff in Town

8. Thigh Fashion

9. Blossoming in Tokyo

10. Remembering the Day of the Dead for Life

11. Something Fishy in Venice

12. The Rare Italian Glass Fox

There are millions of souvenirs out there just waiting to be claimed in the most interesting of ways. Be sure to get your wanderlust on with CIBC's Aventura Visa.