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    Here Are 18 Times Dogs Failed To Dog And It's Honestly More Hilarious Than You Think

    Are... are they okay?

    1. This doggo who looks like it's about to haunt your nightmares:

    IanRiosDub / Via

    2. This doggo who turned into a squirrel:

    3. This doggo who looks ready to stand its ground:

    caffeinateintoxicate / Via

    4. This doggo that low-key looks like a drumstick:

    Puppies_fart_hope / Via

    5. This doggo who looks uncomfortable but... is it uncomfortable?

    Rachkovsky2 / Via

    6. This doggo who looks at you like you're a disappointment:

    jiggyhal / Via

    7. This doggo which is definitely not broken:

    mallenstreak / Via

    8. This doggo who boops her snoot on the floor:

    MaxwellEdison210 / Via

    9. This doggo who noms on its paws:

    Littlesteph49 / Via

    10. This doggo that uses another doggo as a seat:

    mgray4011 / Via

    11. This doggo who is actually a human in dog form:

    smilson / Via

    12. This doggo who... idk???:

    bsraging / Via

    13. This doggo who disciplines himself:

    mrgreatwhope / Via

    14. This doggo who just couldn't be arsed:

    Niffer13 / Via

    15. This doggo who actually looks like its part of a ballet recital:

    danzavier12 / Via

    16. This doggo who failed to dog:

    Stutterfuck / Via

    17. This doggo who walks on walls:

    Human-Sounds-Records / Via

    18. And finally, this doggo who looks like dog.exe has crashed:

    mac_is_crack / Via

    H/T : r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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