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    Haters Back Off, Pineapple Belongs On Pizza And Here's Why

    In pineapple pizza we crust.

    Let me take a minute out of your time to explain why pineapple pizza is the best pizza there is.

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    You can't deny that the combination is a match made in pizza heaven.

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    The hint of sweetness you get when you bite into a layer of gooey cheese is just *chef finger kiss*.

    Can we also just talk about the fact that pineapples and pizzas literally have the same main colour scheme?

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    This is ultimate proof that pineapple is pizza's other half. Are you so cruel that you won't let them co-exist?

    Allow me to simplify the case for pineapple pizza.

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    We can all agree that pizza is one of the best foods to have blessed this earth.

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    Pineapple is a sentimental badass. Tough on the outside and sweet on the inside.

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    It's also a fruit, and fruits are healthy, which means that we're basically encouraging healthy eating.

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    Therefore pineapple + pizza = the best pizza in the world.


    Simple equation, how can you not understand this?

    If you don’t like pineapple on pizza. You’re wrong but ok keep your incorrect opinion.

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    For those who do like pineapple on pizza, you deserve a lifetime supply of stuff.

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