18 Pictures Of Cats That'll Make You Ask "Are They Okay?"

    But they're all still so darn adorable!

    1. This cat that looks like its ready to tell you get off its lawn:

    2. This cat who is probably actually a bat:

    3. This cat which looks like it's ready to fight (quite literally) for what it believes in:

    4. This cat which low-key looks like a fancy gentleman:

    5. This cat which looks like it's ready to haunt your nightmares:

    6. This cat who gives off a somewhat intense vibe:

    7. This cat which seems to be really into yoga:

    8. This cat who just wants to be a spoon:

    9. This cat who looks like he's ready to run a race:

    10. This cat that really wants to sit on a chair:

    11. This cat who just sits like this and stares into your soul:

    12. This cat who didn't come with clear enough instructions:

    13. This kangaroo disguised as a cat:

    14. This cat who is basically a human:

    15. This cat who looks like it has seen ghosts:

    16. This cat who is just too tired to function properly:

    17. This cat who doesn't want to speak to anyone atm:

    18. And finally, this cat who looks like it just can't quite believe what it heard:

    H/T – r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat