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    16 Times Live British TV Got Really, Really Awkward

    It may be a mess, but it's our mess.

    1. When Ted Kravitz got a crude message whilst he was showing the nation something on his phone:

    Oh Ted 😂 @tedkravitz #TedsNotebook #Cock #F1

    Next time he should probably put his phone on "do not disturb" mode.

    2. When BBC anchor, Huw Edwards was live on air for four minutes straight without realising:

    View this video on YouTube

    It makes for quite relaxing watching TBH.

    3. When Holly and Philip misheard Gino say "turd" instead of "third":

    Oh gino”a turd” 🤣🤣😂😂🤪🤪#thismorning #kingandqueenofdaytime #throwbackthursday @Schofe @hollywills @thismorning @Ginofantastico

    This Morning / ITV

    It made it ten times more awkward because Gino seemed to have no idea why they were laughing.

    4. When Tomasz Schafernaker puts his middle finger up on air:

    5. When Simon McCoy clutched a ream of paper instead of a tablet:

    How have I only just seen this 😂 Simon McCoy mistakes paper for his iPad.

    This Morning / ITV

    "Nothing to see here guys!"

    6. And then Chris Mitchell went one further and just used his hand:

    7. When Amanda Holden asked if Tim Peake took a piece from the moon:

    Tim Peake: "I wasn't on the moon, I was in the space station so..." #ThisMorning

    This Morning / ITV

    He quickly corrected her that he hadn't gone to the moon but was rather in the space station.

    8. When Jo Joyner said the actor's name instead of character name on air:

    Happy 1st anniversary - 12 months today since Jo Joyner's incredible "How's Adam?" EastEnders Live moment


    She was supposed to ask how Ian (the character) was but instead, she accidentally asked how Adam (the actor) was. Kudos to Laurie Brett for making it look like it was all part of the show. How is Adam?

    9. When Tom Donkin got confused and ran around the set before he realised that the camera was on his other side:

    View this video on YouTube


    A true professional.

    10. Or when Lynda La Plante said "blowjob" instead of "blow dry":

    11. When Guy Goma thought he went for a job interview at the BBC but instead got mistakenly put on live TV:

    Still one of the greatest TV moments. Guy Goma goes for a job interview at the BBC and gets mistaken for an IT expert who’s there to give a TV interview...


    Guy was at the BBC Studios for a job interview, but was mistaken for an IT expert named Guy Kewney. After a mix-up, he found himself on national TV and hilariously played along as he was interviewed live. If anyone deserved to get the job, it's him.

    12. When Sophie Ridge said 'Scottish labia' instead of 'Scottish Labour':

    13. When Matt Baker made this mistake:

    Who are @maryjblige and Penny Lancaster’s heroes? 👀


    FYI, Mary J Blige's mother, Cora, is still around.

    14. And when he casually asked David Cameron how he slept at night:

    My submission for british cultural moment of the decade is matt baker asking david cameron how he sleeps at night


    They were all smiling but we all felt the awkwardness through our screens.

    15. And last but not least – the iconic moment when Professor Robert Kelly's family interrupted his live interview:

    View this video on YouTube

    Live TV at its finest TBH.