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15 Things That Would Happen If Your Kids Ran The Household

There are certainly better ways to get a break. With the features in the All-New Chrysler Pacifica, your hectic day just got easier.

1. Life would be one big game of hide-and-seek.

2. Makeup would be more about self-expression...

3. ...and so would school uniforms.

4. All vacations would be chosen based on whether or not the hotel has a pool.

5. There'd always be a reason to ask "Why?"

6. Computers and cell phones would only be used for games.

7. Main food groups would be fruit snacks, potato chips, and popsicles...

8. ...and everything you ate would be shaped the way God intended it: like a dinosaur.

9. You could only join a dance class if you promised to be over it and give up after two minutes.

10. The same would go for karate class, cheer team, basketball practice, and piano lessons.

11. "My dog ate my homework" would be both believable and accepted by all adults.

12. Footwear would be banned, because everyone knows they're just a prison for your feet...

13. ...unless it's wearing Rollerblades inside. That's totally cool.

14. And you'd reserve the right to fall asleep anywhere at any time.

15. Seriously. Anywhere.

The All-New Chrysler Pacifica lets you break from the hectic routine so dads can focus on what's really important: being a big kid.

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