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11 Times You Failed At Post-Work Productivity

You were going to do so many things after work...but then something went wrong.

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1. When you sat down in the most comfortable spot in the house "for just a second."


You'll move again later, when you tragically stagger from the couch to your bed. Fingers crossed you muscle the strength to brush your teeth.

2. When you took the wrong way home from work and decided to just be done for the day. / Via

Of course, this day of ALL the days was the running of the ducks. How could you have possibly forgotten?

3. When you tripped on the way to the gym and took it as a sign to turn around.


If walking to the gym was hard, how exactly could you be expected to run on a treadmill?

4. When your place was trashed, so you spent the night trying to make it actually livable. / Via

You've been blind to the mess for far too long — regardless of what you had planned, you gotta clean up before you have ~visitors~.

5. When you lost yourself to hours of scrolling and liking on social media.

Via BuzzFeed

Like. Like. Scroll. Scroll. Like. Like. Comment. Wait...what time is it?

6. When you had the wrong time for the yoga class, and going in late was not an option.


It said 7:00 p.m. online! Guess it wasn't meant to be? Maybe it's 7:00 p.m. tomorrow?

7. When you tried to be ambitious with dinner, but things escalated quickly.


"A" for effort and "P" for go ahead and order pizza.

8. When you found a new use for something and couldn't stop playing with it.


Whatever it is, it's way more fascinating than anything you could have accomplished tonight.

9. When you couldn't make a decision and ended up getting in a huge fight...with yourself.


If you could just figure out where to start, you'd be able to cross so many things off your list. Ahhhh! Why do you always do this? Now go sit in your room and think about how unproductive you are.

10. When your friends invited you out, and you couldn't leave them hanging.


Friend: Hey, whatcha up to?

Me: Working, got a bunch I'm going to get done.

Friend: Come get drinks with us!

Me: Forget this, OK!

Friend: That was way too easy.

11. And when there was that one time you thought you were being productive, but it fell apart anyway.


You were so close to completing something, regardless of how *not* on your to-do list it was.

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