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35 Thoughts You Have The Night You Actually Leave Work On Time

It’s 6:00 p.m., and you're totally FREE.

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It’s been a long day in the office.

And you’re sure tonight will be another late one.

When it dawns on you...there's actually nothing else to do.

Here’s what crosses your mind:

1. Leave! Quickly, before someone sees you.

2. Don't look back.

3. You get to walk out WITH people.

4. Refrain from checking your email again on the way out.

5. Don't forget anything — it'd be a cruel joke to have to come back.

6. Am I smiling too big?

7. Should I turn my computer off? Who cares. Get out of here.

8. Man, a lot of people leave at this time.

9. Oh my goodness, the sun is still out.

10. I could...I could walk home.

11. I could take the long way.

12. Should I cook dinner?

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13. What are people watching these days?

14. What should I watch?

15. Should I work out? I should work out.

16. I should have brought my gym bag.

17. I'll run home, grab my stuff, and head back out. I have so much time!

18. JK, not working out.

19. How do I do this?

20. Who are all these people clogging the roads? What industry do they work in?

21. This is what healthy feels like.

22. Why would I cook when I can actually meet up with friends for dinner?

23. Hope my friends got out early too.

24. Oh no, will the office cleaning staff will be worried about me?

25. I get to spend the ENTIRE night with my cat.

26. My cat is gonna be so happy to see me. I wonder if he'll be surprised.

27. I'M GONNA DO SO MANY THINGS (like...nap).

28. This gives me enough time to squeeze in a whole 'nother episode.

29. If I hurry, I can watch the game.

30. I can finally beat the post-work rush at that restaurant.

31. If I get home before my roommate, I'll have full control of the living room.

32. No one knows I'm free right now... I could just disappear.

33. Call someone. You never have time to call people anymore.

34. Remind everyone that you are alive.

35. Just relax. There's no way to ruin this time.

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