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30 Ways I'll Remember Matthew Bukirin While He's On The West Coast

Oh nooooooooooooo!

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1. The creepy first impression...

2. The beginning of a beautiful friendship...

3. The best time in a Stuytown elevator.

4. "Oh my gawwwwd! I love Chapotlayyyy!"

5. Not us, right?.... My Name is Samantha!

6. Whenever I see someone play a game on their iPad.

7. *hand gesture*

8. The Year of the Pheonix #CawCaw

9. halloween 2k14

10. Making memories through photos.

11. Piano recitals.

12. #BodegaCats

13. The face you imagine he's making whenever you decide to eat something unhealthy.

14. "Interesting!"

15. Oh someone's on the couch?

16. When I used to tell people that "I teach a kickboxing class."

17. Arm band testing and fights.

18. Mansour getting hurt after bridge 1, Andrelie's fast food break, and Bryan's shoes.

19. Fun with Ryan

20. Fun with Noel

21. Stuytown sledding shenanigans

26. Christmas "roommate" gift exchange.

27. "The clip is on it, right?"

28. The nights we'll never forget....

at Wo Hop

at Fat Buddah

pretty much anywhere in the East Village.

at the Hall of Justice.

at the Hall of Justice.

29. Making the best out of Hurricane Sandy.

30. And of course, the times we've dealt with this situation.

Happy 30th birthday Matty! Here's to the next chapter back on the west coast!

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