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Bordeaux University offers 245 programs, after which students receive a diploma of the national sample.

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View on University of Bordeaux

Programs are divided into four areas of expertise:

•Natural and Technical Sciences

•Law, political science, economics, management

•Life sciences and health

•Social and Human Sciences

They offer a wide range of programs, 180 master's directions, a sample of 115 national diploma programs in health care and a national diploma in oenology.

Ratings and academic specialization

The "Academic Ranking of World Universities", compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), located University of Bordeaux in the top of the list №№201 -250. Among the 21 French universities, it was among the top 500. The University has entered the top ten. In 2011, the University of Bordeaux is one of the first universities in France, which received the award "Campus of Excellence".

How to apply for foreign students?

To get the status of an international student program, you must meet the following criteria:

•Most of the courses to be taught in a foreign language (English, Spanish, German)

•The course should include the exchange of learning

•Students can apply for a double degree at graduation (diploma of the University of Bordeaux and one or more partners)

The application procedure depends on whether you act on their own or as part of exchange programs. The international department of the university offers free classes in French for the participants of student exchange programs. They will give you the opportunity to visit them and you will have a better understanding of the specialty courses, as well as you will get used to the university and the city.

Services for students, including library

Services of university libraries have access to students, teachers, researchers, university staff, as well as all interested persons. Here you will find books on any discipline. Branch of library is located on every campus.

The University also offers the following services:

•Help in communication (translation into French language, speech decoding, simultaneous transcription of speech, help with record keeping, etc.)

•Providing course materials

•Academic support (adaptation courses, assistance in training, academic mentor, etc.)

•Technical services and assistance with access (registration on the site, equipment rental, etc.)

•Flexible schedule of examinations (extra time, administrative support, adaptation of materials, transfer of examinations for a valid reason, etc.)

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