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    21 Celebs You Totally Forgot Made Guest Appearances On "Will & Grace"

    I mean, who wouldn't want to be Madonna's roommate?

    1. Madonna played Liz, an office worker-turned-Karen's roommate:

    2. Victor Garber played Peter Bovington, an actor who Jack hires to help spread buzz about his new show, Jack Talk:

    3. Dylan McDermott played Tom, who meets Will while they're both taking care of their moms:

    4. Rosie O'Donnell played Bonnie, the mother of Elliott, Jack's son:

    5. Macaulay Culkin played Jason "J.T." Towne, Karen's divorce lawyer:

    6. Geena Davis played Janet Adler, Grace's older sister:

    7. Britney Spears played Amber-Louise, Jack's new co-host on Jack Talk:

    8. Ellen DeGeneres played Sister Louise, a nun caught up in a sketchy car sale:

    9. Edie Falco and Chloe Sevigny played Deirdre and Monet, expert house-flippers:

    10. Glenn Close played Fannie Lieber, famed photographer who photographs Will and Grace:

    11. Seth Green played Randall Finn, former child star turned talk show host:

    12. Neil Patrick Harris played Bill, a "former" gay man attempting to convert Jack:

    13. Wanda Sykes played Cricket, Karen's makeup artist:

    14. Kevin Bacon played himself, with Jack as his new assistant:

    15. Michael Douglas played Detective Gavin Hatch, who helps Will track down his laptop:

    16. Mira Sorvino played Diane, Leo's ex-girlfriend who quickly causes trouble in paradise:

    17. Luke Perry played Aaron, a self-certified bird enthusiast and Jack's potential love interest:

    18. Jason Biggs played Baby Glenn, a celeb from the '80s:

    19. Kristin Davis played Nadine, Vince's BFF:

    20. Will Arnett played Artemus Johnson, a professional backup dancer:

    21. And Sharon Osbourne played Nonny, a friendly bartender: