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    We Need To Talk About S Club 7

    A brief history on the best music group of the '90s.

    If you are a true lover of music, you know three things to be true: Country music isn't all boot scootin' cowboys and beer, Mariah Carey invented Christmas music, and S Club 7 is one of the greatest groups in the history of music*.


    *I'm well aware you may not all agree with me, and that is OK! Moving on...

    And I feel as though it is my duty to use this platform to bring them back into the limelight. Let's begin, shall we?


    ^Me IRL because I actually have to explain to this to you.

    S Club 7 is an English pop group that began in 1998 and while they're no longer making new music, their legacy lives on thanks in part to the several singles, TV shows, and movies they put out over the course of their career.

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    Left to right: Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, Jo O'Meara, Hannah Spearitt, Paul Cattermole, Rachel Stevens, and Jon Lee. AKA the DREAM TEAM.

    Most of us first heard of the gang (yes, I'm going on as if they're my friends) on the small screen when Miami 7 premiered. It followed the group around as they moved to the great state of Florida in hopes of finding fame. Rich!

    BBC One

    The show was full of your usual TV drama: romance, friendships, struggles with work and just discovering who you are, all while casually performing some pretty catch tunes. This show was my FAV.

    And honestly, could anyone forget their first single, "Bring It All Back"? That shit made us all want to be the best version of our 9-year-old selves* with its positive lyrics and ~feel good~ music video.

    BBC One

    *I say this because I was literally nine at the time. Judge me.

    Which was shortly followed by their debut album, "S Club 7," which I still own and is at home carefully put away.


    This album has some of S Club's classics: "You're My Number One," "Two in a Million," and "S Club Party."

    Yes, you read that right, this album featured the legendary track that is "S Club Party."


    Even if you don't really know S Club 7's music, you've heard this song at least once, or you've heard someone mention it.

    You know what, I could sit here all day and tell you how amazing it is, so I'll just leave you with this YouTube comment:


    We couldn't agree with you more, Rachelstevens7.

    This certified banger (last mention, I promise) was featured on Back to the '50s, S Club's first made for TV movie which was PACKED with drama. The group gets caught in a time warp on the drive from Miami to LA and I may or may not watch the entire thing on YouTube from time to time.


    Hannah finds love, Jo defends the group, and they perform whenever they get a chance - what's not to love, people?

    Back to the '50s was followed by Boyfriends & Birthdays, when group member Rachel is going through some serious boyfriend troubles. This made my straight boy* heart flutter.


    *At the time, because I swore to myself I only liked this group because of Rachel. LOL I thought.

    As if we needed any more proof that this group has some serious acting skills, they gifted us with one of the best TV shows EVER: L.A. 7, or S Club 7 in L.A. After their adventures in Miami, the gang heads to the City of Angels in hopes of making it big in Hollywood.


    Linda Blair was a main cast member. Fun!

    This show undoubtedly features some of S Club's biggest hits: "Reach," "Natural," "Cross My Heart," "Love Train," "Two in a MillIon," and the list goes on because S Club 7 DID. NOT. QUIT.


    Which leads me to their GRAMMY*-worthy album, "7." This album includes all the hits mentioned above, like "Bring the House Down," "I'll Be There," and more.

    Polydor Records

    *No, really, it should've been nominated. It was THAT good.

    Then, at perhaps the height of their fame, they performed their single "Never Had A Dream Come True" on TRL and fans everywhere happy-cried because there they were, getting THIS KIND of exposure.

    View this video on YouTube

    MTV / Via

    I think I cried when this happened.

    Over the course of the next few years, which would sadly be the last of their hay day, they released a few more albums and TV shows, all while a few members chose to go their different ways. I refuse to touch base on any of this because S Club 7 has and forever will be the seven of them.


    I wouldn't dare mention S Club 6. Nope. Not happening.

    Regardless of what the gang went through or what they're up to now, S Club 7 was always singing about positivity, inclusivity, and just all around happiness. They were also on the go, spewing out tv shows, movies, and albums nonstop for like, six years. That's pretty impressive.


    So, I hope you leave this post inspired to either listen to S Club 7 for the first time, or to listen to their music for the hundredth time. Class dismissed!