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    Cory Matthews Is A Trash Person, And Here's 10 Reasons Why

    And a bad person in general, tbh.

    Hi. Hey. Hello. You're familiar with Boy Meets World, right? Of course you are.

    I mean, it's kinda hard not to be. Spanning seven seasons, the '90s TV classic followed the daily life of the Matthews family, with none other than Cory Matthews as the main character.

    And when you think of Cory, you undoubtedly think of Ms. Topanga Lawrence. Cory's lifelong friend, girlfriend, fiancé, wife — y'know, the couple we were all rooting for to come out on top. I mean, we were all rooting for them, right...?

    WRONG. After rewatching all seven seasons on Hulu, I've come to this conclusion: Cory Matthews is a shit boyfriend, and a pretty crappy person in general.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love this show, but if I could corner Topanga and tell her to dump Cory's wannabe ass, I would.

    I mean, where should I start? Let's see...

    1. He's always been a little shit toward the authoritative figures in his life.

    2. He expects everything to be done for him, instead of actually putting in the work to earn it.

    3. Oh, and don't even get me STARTED on his infidelity.

    4. And when he isn't cheating on Topanga, he's lying to her about NOT cheating.

    5. He also never really gave two shits about Topanga's hopes and aspirations because he was borderline obsessed with Shawn.

    6. Did I mention his lack of respect toward adults? He is pretty much ALWAYS treating his parents like garbage.

    7. He's not exactly an easy sibling to get along with, either.

    8. He goes on as if Mr. Feeny's sole purpose in life is to be there just for him.

    9. He's constantly unaware of his privilege.

    10. And finally, just when you think enough people have told him to knock it off, he reverts back to his old ways. Always.

    Basically, Cory is a pretty trash person and how he got away with so much is beyond me. Now, please enjoy this gif of Cory acting v smug, which is what he'd be doing if he read this.