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16 Of The Best Heckin' Kitty Posts From This Week

These cats are festive as can be!

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1. This week, Richard was feeling v festive:

Instagram: @exoticrichard

2. Maverick was lovin' his new tie:

U/Mrogers_12 / Via

3. And these two were feeling festive WITH their bowties!!!

Instagram: @matilda

4. This lil' one was exhausted after Christmas decorating:

U/StOAKed919 / Via

5. This cutie felt like taking a trip back to the '70s:

Instagram: @basilfold

6. Pisco decided they wanted to be a Christmas tree this year:

Instagram: @pisco_cat

7. Lyo just had to give you ONE LOOK for you to give them all the treats:

Instagram: @lyo

8. This beb was SICK and TIRED of chasing their toys and just needed a minute to relax:

9. This one perhaps got a little too carried away with their dessert:

10. These brothers were happy(?) to take a picture together:

U/Blueopal / Via

11. Precious Rugby wants you to know she loves you like heck!!!

U/Elliotsenpaaaaaaai / Via

12. This girl prefers to shake hands instead of cuddle:

U/Miukei / Via

13. This guy just wanted to ask you how you were doing:

U/CutsieWootsieCthulhu / Via

14. Coby was feeling preppy as all HECK:

Instagram: @cobythecat

15. This one wanted to give you a high five because we FINALLY made it to Friday:

16. And this precious angel celebrated her first birthday!!!

Instagram: @rosee

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