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    Posted on Dec 14, 2017

    26 Cats Who Are More Excited For Christmas Than You

    This Christmas is going to be purrfect.

    1. This cat who's so excited, he's literally eating an ornament:

    2. This feline who's seeing an ornament for the first time:

    3. This precious girl who had too much to drink at the holiday party:

    4. This little guy who knows he kills it in his Christmas outfit:

    5. This kitten who's utterly exhausted after decorating the tree:

    6. This kitty who's just found a new best friend:

    7. These pals who are sure to knock on your door and sing some Christmas carols:

    8. This kiddo who wants to be an actual ornament on the tree:

    9. This baby who's more than ready for his first Christmas:

    10. This kitten who's ready to rock around the Christmas tree:

    11. Grumpy Cat, who's THRILLED at the thought of opening presents on Christmas morning:

    12. This kitty who's camera-ready for their first Christmas photoshoot:

    13. This feline who's ready to snuggle up with a Christmas movie:

    14. This guy who doesn't like photoshoots, but does it anyway because his parents love him:

    15. This kitten who's seriously debating taking a bite out of his friends:

    16. These brothers who have the perfect seats for opening presents:

    17. This kitten who's more than amazed at the sight of Christmas lights:

    18. This feline who's a sucker for those festive filters:

    19. This kitten who's confused an ornament for a toy:

    20. This guy who's stoked to wrap all those presents with you:

    21. This kitty who may or may not have had a drink of Santa's milk with his brother:

    22. This kitten who's ready to roast some chestnuts on an open fire:

    23. This little fluff nugget who'd much rather look at you decorate instead of helping:

    24. This boy who's going to be pissed if you have anything other than a fantastic Christmas:

    25. This spynx who's poised as heck in her new Christmas outfit:

    26. This cat who's always camera ready:

    27. This kitty who's making the most of the holiday with their siblings:

    28. And this cat, who knows what they want and will not settle for anything less:

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