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    21 Times Jason Momoa Made Us Say, "Well Damn"

    Swoon x100.

    1. When he shared this photo from behind the scenes of Justice League:

    2. When even he knew how good he looked on a magazine cover:

    3. When he hung out with an old flame:

    4. When he took a group selfie and we thought, "Stars, they're just like us!":

    5. When he stared right at the camera, but also looked directly into our souls:

    6. When he did the same thing but with a smile at the premiere of Justice League:

    7. When he was with his wife, Lisa Bonet, at said premiere and made us all say, "Awwwwww!":

    8. When we saw four of him playing a guitar but it still wasn't enough:

    9. When he made us wish we were that wall he was climbing:

    10. When he took this gym selfie and we were suddenly in the mood to work out:

    11. When he impersonated everyone's favorite meme:

    12. When he made us thirstier than ever:

    My favorite Colorado beer- thnx Riff, Hop, and Doc. Making Sundance #EasyStreet

    13. When he shot us this smile and we collectively died:

    14. When he made us want to put up a good fight:

    15. When he took the term "lumbersexual" to a new level:

    16. When he and Lisa Bonet didn't have to try and they still looked fucking perfect:

    17. Like, zero effort:

    18. When he proved he could pull off pink:

    19. When he proved he can pull off a manbun:

    20. When he was literally standing in a body of water doing nothing but... standing:

    21. And when he proved that working out without a shirt is the only way to get a workout done: