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    19 Hilarious Times Vandalism Was Honestly Kind Of Impressive

    Banksy would approve!

    1. This anti-smoking art that it only took a cigarette and a few words to change.

    2. The headphones drawn on former Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, to make him look like he's a DJ.

    3. The legs of a person driving drawn perfectly within the dirt covering this vehicle.

    4. The stubborn vandalism written on this sign encouraging men to go to the doctor.

    5. This no smoking sign that got turned into a pie-forbidding sign.

    6. This attire drawn onto Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

    7. This hanger that was turned into a hammerhead shark.

    8. The redacted letters on this dollar bill that make "Federal Reserve Note" show up as "fart" instead.

    9. This note drawn on the digital white board installed into this refrigerator.

    10. This creative sticky note message posted on a hand dryer.

    11. This sign that got turned into a bar scene.

    12. The googly eyes that make this Red Dead Redemption II poster look hilarious.

    13. God's plan turning into God's flan.

    14. The electrical outlet drawn into the wall.

    15. The tiny, 'lil smiley face drawn on this realistically sketched woman.

    16. These eye stickers on this orange.

    17. The festive flyer stuck on this sign to make it look like Santa is being flown by a variety of animals.

    18. This little piece of red tape that turned Allen Laboratory into a much more interesting Alien Laboratory.

    19. And finally, the smart-ass who wrote an additional instruction on this fire sign.

    H/T to r/MildlyVandalised