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    19 Hilarious Times Vandalism Was Honestly Kind Of Impressive

    Banksy would approve!

    1. This anti-smoking art that it only took a cigarette and a few words to change.

    kumailmario / Via

    2. The headphones drawn on former Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, to make him look like he's a DJ.

    callumgare / Via

    3. The legs of a person driving drawn perfectly within the dirt covering this vehicle.

    jamspangle / Via

    4. The stubborn vandalism written on this sign encouraging men to go to the doctor.

    that_one_guy989 / Via

    5. This no smoking sign that got turned into a pie-forbidding sign.

    TEAisLlFE / Via

    6. This attire drawn onto Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

    ANmXeImEeTsY / Via

    7. This hanger that was turned into a hammerhead shark.

    Major_Lee_Garsol / Via

    8. The redacted letters on this dollar bill that make "Federal Reserve Note" show up as "fart" instead.

    DaringDomino3s / Via

    9. This note drawn on the digital white board installed into this refrigerator.

    1272chicken / Via

    10. This creative sticky note message posted on a hand dryer.

    _joshsobel_ / Via

    11. This sign that got turned into a bar scene.

    envysquirrel / Via

    12. The googly eyes that make this Red Dead Redemption II poster look hilarious.

    DropOfDarkness / Via

    13. God's plan turning into God's flan.

    smunken / Via

    14. The electrical outlet drawn into the wall.

    NapkinTheBatDad / Via

    15. The tiny, 'lil smiley face drawn on this realistically sketched woman.

    Citizen_Ken / Via

    16. These eye stickers on this orange.

    elxiaom / Via

    17. The festive flyer stuck on this sign to make it look like Santa is being flown by a variety of animals.

    clitmitten / Via

    18. This little piece of red tape that turned Allen Laboratory into a much more interesting Alien Laboratory.

    lemonoflove / Via

    19. And finally, the smart-ass who wrote an additional instruction on this fire sign.

    substantialdisdain / Via

    H/T to r/MildlyVandalised

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